Top 10 Holiday Activities


Jack Pittman, Copy Editor

Every year during the holiday season, people tend to find themselves at home without much to do other than sit around and wait for Christmas. So, I have compiled a list of my favorite COVID-friendly holiday activities (in no particular order.)


  1. Make a gingerbread house

Creative. Delicious. What else can you ask for in a holiday activity? Gingerbread houses are a holiday classic, bringing the family together over a gumdrop roof and a candy cane driveway.


  1. Go see Christmas lights

Nothing screams Christmas quite like your neighbor’s house armed in Christmas lights and inflatable decorations. One of the best holiday pastimes is to drive around town and see all the pretty lights. Don’t forget to appreciate all the hard work that goes into putting them up!


  1. Watch holiday themed movies

To kick off the holiday season every year, I recommended watching a Christmas movie with your entire family. Snuggling up under blankets and watching your movie of choice will put everyone in the Christmas spirit 100% of the time.


  1. Play card games

Card games never fail to bring out the competitive spirit in a family. Whether you’re playing go fish or blackjack, nobody likes to lose, making card games a great way to pass a few hours during the holiday season.


  1. Make homemade hot chocolate

Nothing will make you appreciate hot chocolate more than coming home with frigid fingers and a red nose. Wrapping your fingers around the warm mug and sipping on it until you’re warm inside and out is the best feeling.


  1. Do a puzzle

I can’t lie, this is likely the most mundane of the activities listed, but puzzles are one of the few activities that any amount of people can do. I recommend leaving the puzzle out and slowly working on it as the holidays go on. Just make sure you finish it before Christmas!


  1. Help wrap gifts

Wrapping is the worst. This is why helping a family member or a friend with their wrapping is one of the nicest things you can do this holiday season, if you’re in the giving mood.


  1. Learn to cook the holiday classics

If you’re like me, then your favorite part of the holiday season is not the presents, but the food. Grandma’s sweet potato pie, or whatever your family’s staple, it is always a crowd pleaser. Last year, I realized something. If you learn to cook the item on your own, you can have it whenever you’re in the mood! I could not recommend anything more.


  1. Play classic board games

Similar to card games, board games are another great way to break the holiday boredom with a little bit of competitive spirit. Playing games such as Monopoly, Clue, or Scrabble can raise tensions if they go poorly, but can also be great for bonding.


  1. Take a nap

Holidays can be a lot. If you’re in need of repose or just a moment alone, I recommend taking a power nap. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle all of your family’s oddities.