Summer Job Ideas


Mari Robin Tharin, Secretary

Although it may seem far away, summer is quickly approaching! With more 70+ degree days and end of school countdowns upon us, it is time to start planning ahead. Many Upper Schoolers spend their summer working a job. Doing so teaches important skills and lessons, looks great on college applications, and–believe it or not–can even be a lot of fun! Read below if you need ideas for ways to make money this summer.

I will start with my summer job, which has been the most impactful and fun part of my life: being a camp counselor. Most days, it doesn’t even feel like work! Whether you choose to work at a day camp or overnight camp, this job is so rewarding. The friendships you will form with your co-counselors and campers are lifelong, and it is so fulfilling to leave such a huge mark on a child’s life. As a camp counselor, you get to lead fun activities, play games, and meet amazing new people. I may be a little biased, but there is no place to be for the summer than Camp Albemarle (, though you can also look into camps you used to attend.

If you want to work with children for the summer, but camp isn’t for you, consider babysitting for a local family. This job can definitely be fun and rewarding too and will teach you responsibility and attentiveness. Babysitting also usually has great pay!

Do you enjoy sitting by the pool? Helping others? Sign up to become lifeguard certified at the local YMCA! It is a physically demanding and very thorough course but still well-worth it. Lifeguards have an important job because they keep the summer fun and safe. Not to mention, the job comes with a guaranteed summer tan!

While this next idea may or may not pay, it is a wonderful opportunity. Take time this summer to shadow a professional or work in a job area that you wish to pursue. With the busyness of after school activities and homework, it can be hard to make time for this during the school year. Doing so gives you real-life experiences in your desired career field and can also confirm whether your dream job is the right one for you! If you are interested in the medical field, I suggest shadowing someone at a hospital. If you are looking to major in business, shadow a business owner. Just reach out to local companies or ask friends who have parents in the field you’re interested in.

If you love animals, offer to walk dogs or pet sit! Summer is the prime time for traveling, so many people are in need of someone to look after their pets while they are away! This is another job that teaches responsibility but can also be fun and relaxing since you’re paid to spend time with cute animals. If you know someone who is older and struggles to leave the house or someone who works a very time-consuming job, offer to walk the dog for them for hire!

Many students use time in the summer to get ahead academically or to catch up if they have fallen behind. Many teachers also give summer assignments such as books to read or math packets to complete. A great way to make money would be to tutor students who need a little extra help. Is there a particular age group you work best with or subject in which you excel? Offer to specialize in your unique skill set! This job will teach you patience and will likely pay well. Be sure to let teachers know you’re interested in tutoring since parents will often ask them for recommendations!

However you choose to spend your summer, spend it doing something you will enjoy! Consider your strengths and interests when selecting the perfect job for you. Believe it or not, summer is only a few short months away, so it is best to start planning now!