How to Make the Most of Your High School Years


Juhee Desai, Co-Editor

Some people say high school makes up the best years of your life–years that should be spent living every moment to the fullest. Others say they are the most crucial years that set up your entire future, and you should be fully focused on preparing a successful path for your career and life. So how do you enjoy these special years while also ensuring your future?


One of the best things to do in high school is to meet new people. While not everyone you meet in high school will stick around forever, these interactions help develop lifelong skills and create a support system for these turbulent years. Be open to new people and give relationships time to develop. Being able to work well with others is a skill that will serve you well all throughout life. 


Another important thing to do is to create good relationships with your teachers and counselors. These are the people that will help you succeed academically, so it is important to make sure that they know you well so that when you need guidance in applying to colleges, they are able to help. While teachers are helpful in academics, having an adult to go to when high school drama hits and you just want someone to go to who is not a teenager or one of your parents is also helpful. Teachers can give good advice, as they have been in the same situations you are. 


The most important thing you can do is to keep going even if you fall behind. There are times during high school when you may struggle academically, emotionally, or mentally. It is best in these situations to get help from someone so that you can catch back up and continue to excel. There are always resources available, so never be afraid to reach out. It takes hard work to get through high school, and everyone struggles at some point. Don’t let one bad test grade stress you out because, in the long run, it probably won’t matter.


There’s a lot of pressure in high school regarding academics, and while you never want to be falling behind in school, it is important to nurture things outside of school as well. You only live these years once in your life, so it is the best time to do everything you want to, even if that means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Go to all the dances, join fun clubs, and make the most of every weekend… because one day you’ll look back and regret not seizing all of your opportunities.