Top Ten Things to Look Forward to This Summer:


Ann Sumner Thorp


  1. 4th of July

Fourth of July is considered to be the height of summer. Over the course of one day, you can participate in numerous traditions. From hot dog eating contests to water balloon fights, the 4th of July comes with dozens of celebratory activities. The best part of the day, however, comes at night when the night sky comes to life with all different types of fireworks as the ground is brightened by hundreds of glow sticks and sparklers. What better way to celebrate America’s independence than with watermelon eating contests and bright displays of the patriotic spirit.


  1. The Summer Solstice

As the longest day of summer, it is the best day to “pack your suitcase full” and see how many fun activities you can fit into one day. The Summer Solstice is celebrated around the world. In Ireland they light bonfires on top of hills and sing, dance, and tell stories around them while others partake in extreme challenges like jumping over the bonfires as dares. In other countries such as Sweden, Maypoles are very popular as well as the decoration of homes with garlands and flowers. In America, art and music festivals are held, and many families get together while a greater focus is placed on the environment and the importance on natural sunlight.


  1. Traveling

Because you don’t have to worry about missing school, summer is the perfect opportunity to travel. Whether it is Grand Western Tour, flying halfway around the world, or just simply going to the beach, it is nice to visit new places every once in a while. Going to the beach with friends and family is always great no matter what. Even a rainy day at the beach can be fun with puzzles and movies. Of course going to other countries never fails to be memorable. When presented with any opportunity to go outside of the USA, I highly recommend that you take it. Whether it is South America or Asia, experiencing other cultures and traditions is an experience you can’t put a price on


  1. Memorial Day

Memorial Day also serves a great opportunity to travel. Since many employees have the day off, it is a great start to the summer as families can spend more time together. Memorial Day is also considered to be the unofficial start to summer with many pools officially opening that weekend. What better way to kickoff the summer than with the celebration of those who served in the military. There are parades, speeches, even concerts all to celebrate the brave men and women who served our country.


  1. Camp

When most people picture camp, they see mosquitoes and terrible food. However, camp serves as a great opportunity to develop independence, leadership skills, and get used to living without air conditioning. Though many camps allow campers to keep electronics, others don’t, allowing for a much needed break from the outside world. Plus, campers learn how to sail, shoot a bow and arrows, play all different types of sports, and even get to fly down a zip line.


  1. Afternoon Thunderstorms

Yes one of the best parts of summer is that the sun is always shining, and it is finally warm outside, but nothing beats an afternoon thunderstorm. After playing hard all day, rain serves as a refreshing time of rest. It offers the opportunity to sit and read a good book or go to the movie theater without feeling like you should be outside soaking up the sun.


  1. Selling Lemonade—earning money

Selling lemonade is the classic summer job (besides being a lifeguard). Though it may not be the highest paying job, it’s always fun to set up a stand with friends and drink all the lemonade that you are (technically) supposed to be selling. At fifty cents a cup, lemonade can cool you down with just one sip.


  1. Catching Fireflies

Once it turns dark at night, that darkness only lasts a minute as the fireflies quickly light up backyards with their glow. One of the most fun summer activities is catching fireflies with friends and siblings. It always quickly turns into a competition as each person tries to catch the most in their mason jar. For those of you looking forward to catching fireflies this summer, please don’t forget to poke holes in the top of the jar!


  1. Racing to Eat Ice-Cream

Everyone needs a break from the heat every once in a while, and ice-cream is the perfect dessert to help you do just that. The only catch is once you finally get that delicious scoop of ice-cream, your adrenaline quickly kicks in as you rush to eat it before it melts. However, no matter how fast you eat your ice-cream cone, some of it always winds up dripping down your hand and onto your shirt. On the bright side, no matter where the ice-cream ends up either in your mouth or on your shirt, it will never fail to cool you down.


  1. Forgetting What Day of the Week it is

Forgetting the day of the week isn’t something that most people say they are proud of. However, it is something that is nice to experience every once in a while. It gives peace of mind that you don’t have any important events scheduled for the week, and can therefore enjoy savoring the free time. Just don’t get too used to this mindset as school will be starting up again before you know it.

Honorable Mentions:

  1.       Fresh Fruit: strawberries, peaches, watermelon, and everything in between
  2.       Running Through The Sprinklers- the best way to cool down
  3.       Slip ‘n Slides (need I say more)