Lunch Bunch: Got Books?


Ann Sumner Thorp

Lunch Bunch is a reading program offered to third and fourth grade students who are interested in reading and increasing their reading comprehension. Students who sign up meet every other week with a parent or grandparent volunteer along with a few other students during their lunch hour. The volunteer picks out a few books to share with their group and reads an excerpt from each to spark an interest in the kids for the books. The students can then pick a book to take home and finish on their own. Third Grade teacher, Ms. Green, commented on the program saying, “I think it’s a wonderful program because it helps the parents get involved with the children, and the students are loving reading and looking forward to it.” The program’s mission is to inspire kids to read and increase their reading comprehension, so that they are ready to take on higher level classes when they reach middle and high school.

Lunch Bunch was originally started by 2016 graduate, Davis Brown, to interest students in reading. It is now run by Holly Brantley (12th), Chloe Thompson (10th), and Ann Sumner Thorp (11th) who are expanding the program to include fourth grade students this year. When asked why she thinks Lunch Bunch is an important program, third grade teacher Ms. Langley said “I think it’s a great time for the kids to share their love for reading with a caring adult, and it makes them realize the importance of reading by that adult taking time in their day to come.”

Here is what two past participants said about their experience:

Roslyn Smith (4th)

What is your favorite part about Lunch Bunch? It encourages you to read more.

What was your favorite book? Junie B. Jones

If you could be any character from a book, which one would you be and why? Junie B. Jones because she loves mysteries.


Fenner Parker (4th)

What is your favorite part about Lunch Bunch? Getting to sit with friends and read books.

What was your favorite book? The Sinking of the Titanic

If you could be any character from a book, which one would you be and why? The captain of the Titanic because if you were a captain, you would be in charge and could go anywhere you wanted to.