Media Office Picks: The Grammy’s and the Golden Globes

Haven Ross, Social Media Chair

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The Golden Globes and the Grammy Awards are two highlights of the cold winter season. Sharply dressed celebrities show up to be honored for the fun or powerful works they have produced or worked with over the year. The Golden Globes award outstanding works in television and film and the Grammys recognize musical accomplishments. Both award shows are entertaining as millions across America tune in to see if their favorites have won. Check out who the Media Office picks for the major categories!


The Grammy Awards

Record of the Year

“Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

After the premiere of Bradley Cooper’s remake of this Hollywood classic, the original song written for the movie took over radio stations. Though he had no musical training before the movie, Lady Gaga insisted that Cooper use his own vocals. Together, their powerful voices make this touching song a pivotal number in the movie and in car rides across America.


Album of the Year

Music from and Inspired by Black Panther 

The Marvel movie that now boasts the title of second biggest Marvel Universe movie has been nominated for tons of awards, including several Grammy entries. The Media Office chooses their score to win for Album of the Year; it boasts many hits from popular artists such as Kendrick Lamar and SZA.


Best New Artist

Luke Combs

The country artist has stolen the hearts and the radios of many in America. His album, “This One’s For You,” features many hits such as “Hurricane,” “One Number Away,” and the smash hit “When It Rains It Pours.” His songs range from fun and carefree to sweet and sentimental, and he has an excellent voice.


Golden Globes

Best Motion Picture- Drama

A Star is Born

The Media Office was definitely taken by this movie: the whirlwind love story, the amazing music, the thrill of the concert scenes, and the ending that some are not quite over. This movie was amazing from start to finish. Leaving the theaters in tears was a common theme for people who watched this movie.


Best Motion Picture- Music or Comedy

Crazy Rich Asians

This groundbreaking film with a powerful cast has become the most successful studio rom-com in years. The plot follows Rachel Chu as she meets her long-time boyfriend’s family for the first time and discovers he is much wealthier than he led her to believe. All sorts of humor ensue as she tries to get approval from family and friends throughout the movie. The glamorous setting and clothes also supply another level of entertainment.


Best Motion Picture-Animated

Incredibles 2

It only took fourteen years, but the family favorite finally returned with Incredibles 2. The Incredibles learned a lot about their family dynamic and their powers over this movie. Elastigirl became the main hero of the movie, while Mr. Incredible learned what life is like at home with Jack Jack discovering his powers and all sorts of teenage problems with Violet and Dash. This movie had people of all ages cracking up in the theaters.

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