WhAt ReAlLy ReSiDeS iN ThE MeDiA OfFiCe


Ann Sumner Thorp

You may think that the Media Office only has seven members, but in reality it really has eight. The eighth member isn’t another student or teacher, but rather something of a more supernatural realm. Some may call it a phantom. Others call it a shadow, but we in the Media Office prefer to call it a ghost. Below are different events throughout the year proving the ghost’s existence. If you know anyone specialized in the ghost-hunting business, please contact the Media Office immediately, so that we may get in touch with them. Thank you for your help, and I hope our tale does not keep you awake at night, fearing for your textbooks and pictures.


(Disclaimer: The events that take place in the following article are all true. However, we in the Media Office do not actually believe in the ghost. It just serves as a convenient scapegoat for the weird things that happen in our room. Thanks!)


August 21st, 2017–The Abnormal Cold

As a whole, the first day of school brings excitement as new students pile into their new classes and reunite with friends. The first class of the day for seven students in particular is Media Office. As they walk into what is to be their Eagle Examiner home for the next year, the first thing noticed about the room is the stark contrast between the temperature in the room versus the temperature outside of the room. Whereas the outside was warm and sunny, the inside consisted of freezing temperatures. As the students wondered why it was so cold in their room, the Photographer brought up that sometimes cold is associated with ghosts. Everyone nervously laughed this idea off and continued their work. However, to this day the room remains abnormally cold……


September 13th, 2017–Door Randomly Opens and Closes

Without a library to study in at the beginning of the year, many members of the Media Office used the room as a study place. Though it may be quiet and peaceful, there is one catch. When alone in the room, the Editor in Chief claims that the door will randomly open and close for no apparent reason. This phenomenon never occurs when multiple people are in the room, but when by yourself, the door has a mind of its own. Is there a practical reason for this, or is there something supernatural about the door movements?


November 3rd, 2017–AP Government and Politics Crash Course Mysteriously Goes Missing

Many Media Office members take Mr. Stone’s AP Government class. One of the books necessary for the class is the AP Government and Politics Crash Course. After laying her crash course on the Media Office table, one of the Co-Editors claimed it disappeared. After searching everywhere she had been that week, the Crash Course still hadn’t showed up anywhere. Tests began becoming more frequent, and the Co-Editor rushed to find her book. A couple weeks later, the Secretary saw the Crash Course in an odd corner of the room while working on a charity project. Thanks to the Secretary, the Co-Editor reunited with her beloved Crash Course. However, the question still remained of who or what moved the book to an opposite corner of the room used for storage and piles of boxes?


February 11th, 2018–An Official Keyboard Count is Written on the Board

Computers can be fickle objects, but how many keyboards can reasonably be broken in a room of five students? The answer: probably less than five. However, five keyboards have been replaced for the office members so far this year. The Editor in Chief has had three replaced, and the Secretary has had two so far. Who knows how many more keyboards will mess up between now and the end of the year? The only logical explanation for this phenomenon is supernatural. How else could two people need five keyboards over the course of one year?


March 1st, 2018–Random Food Begins to Appear

One full loaf of bread, a whole box of Clif Bars, an apple, a water bottle, and many other food items have randomly appeared throughout the year on the Media Office table. Who puts the food in the room? No one knows. The Media Office members unanimously decided, though, that none of the strange food should be eaten–just in case.


March 7th, 2018–Pictures Randomly Fall Off the Wall

All across the Media Office black and white photos of students and faculty decorate the walls. For a few months these pictures have been randomly falling off the walls, one at the time, leading up to the day when the office members entered the room to see that every picture had fallen off the wall. If this isn’t paranormal, I don’t know what is. All fourteen pictures were laying on the ground. After putting thirteen pictures back on the walls, the last one, no matter what we did, would not stay up. Because of this, our office now has only thirteen (always a good number) pictures. Coincidence? I think not.


These events are just a few of the many scenarios that have been caused by the mysterious figure that we call the Ghost. If you see anyone from the Media Office acting strange or mysteriously missing, you will know what happened.