Top 10 Most Broken New Year’s Resolutions


Mary Kimbrell Livermon, Photographer/Videographer

As every new year approaches, it is common to set goals for yourself in the new year. Goals can range from being big or small, Long-term goals can be perceived in many different time frames, but their purpose is the same. New Year’s Resolutions act as motivation, or they can work to end bad habits. Some goals can easily be obtained, but others require more effort than expected. Making a schedule for the day, or writing down all of your yearly goals might help you persevere throughout the new year.However, those tips do not work for everyone. Here are the top ten most broken New Year’s resolutions:


Go to the gym

At the beginning of the new year, goals to start working out might motivate you to open up a gym membership. The determination to develop this healthy habit is often very strong in the beginning, but after time, the desire is not powerful enough to pull you to the gym. 


Eat healthier

Picking foods that are healthier is a major benefit in the long run when it comes to medical health. Although it is a benefit, junk foods are always the more appealing option. A slice of cake or a bag of potato chips can make the goal of eating healthier almost impossible to achieve. 


Get more sleep

After the holidays and Christmas break, student’s sleep schedules are often skewed. Not having to wake up for school in the morning allows students to stay up late watching TV or chatting with friends. After a while, our bodies think that is normal and make it so we cannot fall asleep when it is necessary to. As a result of this, student’s resolutions are often to get more sleep. Although plenty of sleep is crucial, Netflix and Tiktok are more appealing to students, causing them to break their resolution. 


Be less stressed

As school returns, it is normal for students to be stressed because of the reappearance of homework and assessments. In addition to schoolwork, extracurriculars can add to students’ stress level, therefore, not making them less stressed. 


Drink more water

Water is essential for health, but not everyone drinks as much water as they should. The plain taste of water is not appealing for many, as they would rather have a soda or a sweet tea. Drinking soda and sweet teas are not completely detrimental towards your health, but are better to be consumed in moderation. Water helps your organs function and helps your overall health. A common new year’s is to drink more water, but sometimes Coca-Cola is too hard to resist. 


Save money

After setting a goal to save money and open a Goldco IRA this year, you should ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” when purchasing an item that is not necessary. In many cases, the item is not necessary, but is too hard to put back on the shelf. And if you’re a parent, you should also set up an online savings plan for your kids at The Children’s ISA so you don’t have to worry about their finances in the future. Saving money is a beneficial goal, but it requires more motivation than many people are ready to put in. If a lucrative, non-time sucking side hustle is what you are seeking, then you need to look no further than forex trading at VT markets.


Travel to new places

Traveling to new places is a resolution that is going to be easy to break in 2022. Because of Covid, traveling is being limited, therefore inhibiting people from experiencing countries outside of the United States. The goal of exploring new places this year most likely will be put on hold until this madness is over. 


Study or work more

Studying is essential for school, but students dread it. Because of that, some students make it their goal to put more effort into studying or completing their assignments. This goal can be sustained for a couple of weeks, but the determination to put in the extra hour of studying decreases over time. 


More organized

Organization is a skill that many people have obtained, but many people struggle with it. As a result, organization can be a habit many people want to adopt throughout the new year. Like many things, organizational skills are not easy to be accustomed to overnight. It takes drive and determination to leave behind the bad habits of the year before. Some people that take on this goal cannot seem to say goodbye to their messy rooms or unorganized bookbags. 


Less screen time

Less screen time is a goal many teenagers struggle with as communicating on their phones is how they stay in touch with friends while they are not at school. Apps like Tiktok or Netflix entertain teenagers after they have finished their schoolwork and extracurriculars. Teenagers should aim for less screen time, but in most cases, will not accomplish this goal.