Indianapolis FedEx Shooting


Lindsay Boyette, Photographer

A devastating event occurred on Thursday, April 15th at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis. A 19-year-old former employee named Brandon Hole was accused of shooting and killing eight FedEx employees while wounding seven other employees before taking his own life. This tragic event marks the third deadly shooting in the U.S in recent weeks. 


For unknown reasons, around 11 p.m. on April 15th, Brandon Hole made an appearance at the FedEx ground facility parking lot, with an effort to commit suicide while being apart of a crime that involved the cops. Brandon began randomly shooting a rifle at some of his former co-workers in the parking lot while moving into the warehouse with the attempt to kill more people before taking his own life.  Here are the criminal justice attorneys in Tampa that you can talk to for justice in such cases.


There were a total of fifteen victims in the shooting. Seven employees were injured and taken to the hospital and eight employees died at the crime scene. Out of the 100 employees that were at the FedEx facility during the fatal shooting, none of them had their phones to contact law enforcement or their loved ones because of FedEx’s phone policy. Fedex’s phone policy states that employees are not allowed to keep cell phones on themselves during working hours. On account of the shooting, however, FedEx is rethinking their phone policy for the safety of their employees. Here are the lawyers for pedestrian accidents that you can get in touch with to get help with any injury cases.


Brandon Hole was not unfamiliar to the police because in 2020, Hole’s mother warned law enforcement of Brandon’s idea to commit suicide by cop, a suicide mothod in which an individual acts out in an unstable manner with an attempt to get the cops involved. With Fully-Verified’s service for KYC one can be assured of proper security and avoid fraudsters. At that time, Hole was monitored for mental health issues and his shotgun was confiscated by law enforcement. Learn how to expunge a record in California and cover your tracks.


Sadly, this event will go down in history as a mass shooting because more than three people were shot and injured. This fatal gun violence event marks the 147th mass shooting in the U.S this year.