Get Ready for Prom!


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Mary Hanna Bryant, Treasurer

After almost a whole school year without dances, Rocky Mount Academy has recently announced that there will be Junior-Senior Prom on April 23rd! This may seem like a while away, but it will be here before you know it.

Ladies, it is time to start looking for formal dresses for winter ball, and gentlemen, start arranging your attire, because RMA has found a way to make a COVID-safe prom! 

Each year, the juniors raise money through a poinsettia sale in order to pay for the prom. The class starts putting up decorations in the cafeteria far in advance and arranges the snacks and drinks for the party. Since prom was cancelled last year, the junior class (now seniors) did not use their money for decorations. Their money, along with the money raised by the junior class this year, will fund the prom. Since the seniors missed out on their junior prom, they are very excited to have one as seniors! 

This year, there will be some differences in the prom compared to past years. Usually Ms. Amy Knox and Ms. Erin O’Brien work together with the junior class to help set up the prom in the cafeteria with their theme of choice. However, due to COVID-19, the prom will be outside in the courtyard, and the juniors will not decorate. Some of the senior moms have come together to help put on this prom, and they have some great ideas! There is no specific theme for this year’s dance; there will be pretty decor along with refreshments. Excitingly, this year there will be a seated dinner catered by Scarborough Fair! 

Some traditions will carry on, however, such as the fan favorite band, Eight Past Midnight, which has played at proms in the past. Get excited for some great music to dance to! Also, the senior-parent dance will be carried out at the beginning of prom as usual, and the decorations from the dance will remain the next day for the father-daughter dance!

If you choose to bring a date from outside of the school, make sure you grab a guest form from your homeroom teacher. Whether you decide to bring a date or go solo, get ready for a lovely night with some great friends and classmates! Don’t forget to wear a mask!