Junior Poinsettia Sale


Lindsay Boyette, Photographer

Poinsettias, also known as the Christmas Flowers, are very popular around the world during the Christmas holiday. Their flowers and leaves are similar to and symbolize the Star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus. Not only are they popular because of their symbolic meaning, but they are also popular Christmas decorations which come in three colors: red, pink and white.  Because poinsettias are so prevalent around Christmas time, the Rocky Mount Academy junior class sponsors an annual poinsettia fundraiser. This is a traditional fundraiser where juniors sell a variety of poinsettias, wrapped or unwrapped, in order to raise funds to cover the cost of prom. 


The  poinsettia sale began in late October, and by November 9th, all juniors had met their personal requirement of selling ten poinsettias each.  In fact, some juniors exceeded their goal. Juniors Mary Hanna Bryant, Anna Brooks Gaynor, Chandler Lamm, Simon Stone, and Gray Sutton sold over 50 poinsettias each, and Shelton Honey came very close by selling 48 plants.  In total, 818 poinsettias were sold to parents, teachers, local businesses, and those in the community. 


The morning of December 1st, Williams Plant Farm located in Sims, North Carolina delivered all the poinsettias sold by the Class of 2022. All the poinsettias were unloaded and placed in Bradley Hall by the junior class and faculty members. During a time when interacting is kept at a minimum, these juniors enjoyed bonding while sorting the plants and preparing them for delivery. After several hours of organizing, most juniors loaded up their cars and set out during study hall and flex to deliver the plants to those in the community. Many of the recipients marveled over the beauty and the health of the poinsettias.


Given the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the junior class’ sales goal was easily exceeded. The class of 2022 would like to thank all those who supported the poinsettia fundraiser. Without everyone’s support, it would not have been a success. If you did not get the chance to purchase a poinsettia this year, be sure to purchase one next year in support of the class of 2023!