Winter Sports


Lindsay Boyette, Photographer

Sports are an integral part of what makes Rocky Mount Academy so great. All student athletes can agree that school sports make school much more enjoyable. Not only do school sports make school more pleasurable for athletes, but they also benefit the athletes’ mental health. Luckily, RMA will be participating in all winter sports, including basketball, swimming, and cheerleading. All student athletes in grades seven through twelve are excited to have the opportunity to participate in winter sports, even if this year’s season will be different due to COVID-19. 


Winter athletes at Rocky Mount Academy have started practicing and preparing for upcoming athletic events and are eager to start competing against other schools. This year, RMA and the NCISSA have come up with certain protocols and guidelines for home games so that RMA may compete against other schools safely:


  • When possible, Rocky Mount Academy will livestream games and matches for those interested in watching. 


  • Rocky Mount Academy will only permit two spectators over the age of 21 per player. Spectators must social distance on the bleachers and wear a mask.


  • Spectators can only use the restrooms in Proctor Hall. 


  • Water for athletes will not be available; therefore, athletes must bring their own container of water. 


  • While off the court and on the bench, athletes must social distance and wear a mask.


  • Halftime is limited to ten minutes.


  • There will be no handshakes before or after games. Instead, players and coaches are encouraged to give friendly gestures to opposing teams. 


  • After each game, spectators and players must leave in order for the gym to be completely sanitized before the next game. 


Rocky Mount Academy’s sports season changed due to COVID, and so have some of the coaches. This year, Coach Ramsey will be coaching the middle school girls basketball team, Coach T will be coaching the varsity boys basketball team, and alum Brianna Winham will be coaching the swim team. Thanks to Rocky Mount Academy’s staff, RMA has gained some outstanding new coaches and come up with the safest and most normal way to hold sports this winter. Athletes are so thrilled to have the chance to play and build relationships outside of the classroom. Rocky Mount Academy encourages those who cannot come and support RMA athletics in person to support all players and teams virtually. This season may be different, but it will be one for the books. GO EAGLES!