Halloween During a Pandemic


Lindsay Boyette, Photographer

The holiday season is right around the corner with the first of which being Halloween! This year, Halloween will be different all around the world due to the current pandemic. Usually, Halloween is an exciting time for kids. Almost all young children enjoy dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating with neighbors and friends. Many of these regular Halloween activities will be discouraged this year because of the fear of spreading COVID-19. In fact, many are wondering if Halloween 2020 will even take place. The answer is yes! Halloween will still take place on Saturday, October 31st, but things will look different this year. It is important that kids get to enjoy Halloween festivities safely. Here are some tips to safely celebrate this spooky season.

-Organize a social distanced costume/bicycle parade

-Have a Halloween egg hunt

-Create a candy chute for trick-or-treaters

-Purchase no-touch candy grabbers

-Set up a trick-or-treat driveway table

-Have a pumpkin carving challenge with your family

-Go reverse trick-or-treating: Candy givers come to the kids rather than kids coming to candy givers

-Cover your face in style

-Wear spooky gloves

-Host a Halloween movie night with your household


A lot has changed, though kids’ love for halloween has stayed the same. In order to celebrate Halloween safely, get to planning! While Halloween 2020 will look different, it will be just as fun with these helpful tips on creative ways to celebrate. How are you planning on celebrating Halloween in a pandemic?