Local Restaurants to Support During Quarantine

Emory Pittman, Print Editor

While all of us have been cooped up in our homes social distancing, a lot of restaurants have been forced to close their dining areas temporarily. The coronavirus has the potential to be very destructive to these businesses by severely limiting customers and cash flow needed to keep them from shutting down for good. Luckily, many places have had the opportunity to find other ways to reach the residents of Rocky Mount. Here is a list of local restaurants that you can support during quarantine and hopefully help keep their doors open!


  • Barley & Burger (Take-out and Delivery)
  • Books & Beans (Curbside Service)
  • Brian’s Cheesesteaks (Take-out and Delivery)
  • Central Cafe (Take-out)
  • Chew & Chat (Take-out and Curbside Service)
  • Chico’s (Take-out)
  • El Tapatio (Delivery, Curbside Service, Drive Thru at Progress Dr. Location)
  • Gardner’s (Delivery, Take-out, Drive Thru)
  • Golden Wok (Take-out)
  • Guacamole’s (Take-out)
  • Highway Diner (Online Ordering)
  • Hing Ta (Take-out and Delivery)
  • Honeybaked Ham (Take-out)
  • Ichiban (Delivery and Curbside Service)
  • Larema (Curbside Service)
  • Lou Reda’s (Delivery and Curbside Service)
  • Mama’s (Take-out)
  • Mario’s (Take-out and Delivery)
  • Moe and D’s (Take-out)
  • Morning Addiction (Curbside Service)
  • NABS (Take-out)
  • Prime Smokehouse (Take-out)
  • Ramo’s (Take-out and Delivery)
  • Tap 1918 (Delivery and Curbside Service)
  • TBC West (Delivery and Curbside Service)
  • Thirsty Bull (Take-out and Curbside Service)
  • Tipsy Tomato (Take-out and Delivery)
  • Tokyo Express (Take-out and Drive Thru)
  • Trax (Take-out)
  • Westridge Grill (Take-out, Delivery, and Curbside Service)

Please consider supporting Rocky Mount’s local businesses during this crazy time!