The iPhone 11 Hits the Market


Ben Tucker, Secretary

Almost every year, Apple looks to change the game and rise above the competition with the release of a new device, and this year is no different. For the past few months, Apple has hinted at a new phone that exceeds its predecessors, the iPhone X and XR. Apple hopes to draw in a lot of attention and revenue from this new release since the past iPhone got more critiques than praises. Apple finally released the new baby of the iPhone family this September, the iPhone 11. 


Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, the iPhone 11 is definitely a step up from many of the phones on the market. One of the biggest surprises to everyone is that the phone is around $700, a lower price than expected since the XR cost over a thousand Washingtons.


The biggest change is the look of the camera, which is a triple-lens camera system. For many, the 11 is a big surprise because of the more advanced technology in the camera and the processing speed. When using the 11, you can take wider and clearer pictures when compared to the previous iPhones. The most impressive part, though, has got to be the night mode which brings brightness and clarity to impossibly dark scenes, making night pictures a problem no longer. 


Other than the camera, this year’s new phone is just a sequel to the three we got last year, which is what you really need to know. They’re all variations on the same theme, which is everyday function. The design hasn’t updated much from the iPhone XR in 2018, although there are now six colors – including a new lilac and mint green shade to choose from. However, critics say that the feel to this phone feels very similar to the other models.