RMA Abroad: Middle School Trips!


Virginia Wooten

If there is anything you can take away from Middle School, it would definitely be memories from the awesome trips in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade! At the beginning of the school year, sixth grade ventured out for the first time as a class back in October to the quaint town of Southport and the vibrant city of Wilmington. This trip is a great trip for bonding and making your first middle school friends! Next week, seventh and eighth grade travel out of state for a few nights with their respective grades! Seventh gets to visit the wonderful city of Washington D.C, while Eighth goes to Atlanta, Georgia! Coming from a student who has gone on every school trip so far, I have to say that they are all amazing, and these middle school students have so much to look forward too.

This past fall, sixth grade traveled to Wilmington and Southport to get some coastal Carolina culture! The chaperones were Ms. Covolo, Mrs. Harrell, and Mr. Herbert. The first day they traveled to Fort Caswell and participated in group activities like a scavenger hunt in the Fort and in the evening attended a bonfire. The next day they visited the USSNC Battleship in Wilmington and also spent time at the Fort Fisher Historic Area and Recreation Area. They learned about sea turtles and participated in many fun beach activities. In the evening, they got some good southern seafood in Southport at Atlantic Seafood. The last day the class enjoyed their time left together at the NC Aquarium! Needless to say they had a wonderful time together during their first middle school class trip.

Next week, Seventh grade travels to Washington D.C with Mrs. Viverette, Dr. O’Brien, Coach Ramsey, and Coach Berry! They have so much to look forward to; this trip was a favorite of many in my middle school grade. Seventh grade gets to go to all the major landmarks like the Capitol, the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, the Ronald Reagan Building, Jefferson Memorial, Korean Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial! They also get to go to some fantastic museums such as the Holocaust Museum, The Smithsonian Museums of Natural and American History, and the African American History Museum. Other places they get to venture to is the Pentagon City Mall and also the stunning Washington Cathedral. Needless to say, seventh grade has so much to look forward to!

Eighth Grade also travels next week to the concrete jungle of Atlanta, Georgia! In Atlanta, the students get to venture to historical sites and check out famous spots in the city. They get to visit the Atlanta History Center, Georgia State Capitol Building, and the Federal Reserve to learn about the history of the city. Eighth Grade also gets to go to the world renowned  World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium! A favorite of many students has been dining at the restaurant, The Varsity, where they will be able to grab a fantastic burger and fries! Oh, and don’t forget about their adventure to CNN Studios where they will be able to tour the filming area and work with the green screens.

Seventh and Eighth Grades will definitely have fun on their trips to D.C and Atlanta this coming week! Lets hope they have safe travels and good weather on their big school trip!