Special Olympics


Mary Kimbrell Livermon, Photographer

RMA’s Exceptional Children’s class participated in the Special Olympics on October 21st at Rocky Mount Middle School. Ms. Whitehead’s class and three students from Ms. Tickel’s Lower School EC class showed their skills that day. They participated in dribbling drills, passing drills, and shooting drills. Their scores were noted, and the participants got ribbons for each station they completed. Seeing the kids’ faces as they made a basket or dribbled the ball warmed everyone’s hearts. After the drills were over, some of the participants took part in a basketball game. From Ms. Whitehead’s class, Logan, Brice, and Tyler competed, with Logan scoring 2 points. 

Ms. Whitehead, Ms. Mason, and Ms. Tickel also had many helpers that traveled with them to the Special Olympics. Ms. Barry; seventh grader Sophie Chafin; freshmen Roslyn Smith; and seniors Mackenzie Davis, Wells Hutson, and I joined the group to ensure everyone got where they needed to be smoothly. Parents of the participants were also there to watch their children! The participants were given Chick-Fil-A sandwiches after their games as a reward for their efforts. 

The Exceptional Children’s class was also supported by the rest of the school on the morning of the Special Olympics. Students were lined up to watch them load the bus to leave for the games. The bus drove away while students were cheering and rooting them on. You can tell that the Exceptional Children’s class at RMA is truly loved and supported by everyone at the school.