The Queen’s Life Before the Throne


Juhee Desai , Co-Editor

On September 8th, 2022, the Queen of England–Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II–was pronounced dead after 70 years on the throne at age 96. It was tragic news for everyone, even us in the United States. While this news has left the UK devastated and heartbroken, the Queen lived a very fulfilling and long life. Here are the key points of the Queen’s life before she took the throne.

April 21, 1926 – Elizabeth Alexndra Mary Windsor is born in Mayfair, London. 

Janurary 20, 1936 – The current king, George V, dies. Queen Elizabeth’s 

uncle, Edward VIII, becomes the king.


December 10, 1936 – Edward VIII abdicates so that he can marry the American 

divorcee, Wallis Simpson.


December 11, 1936 – Elizabeth’s father is proclaimed King George VI. Elizabeth is now heiress to the throne. 


September 7, 1940 – The blitz (German air force attacks during World War II) on London begins. The king and queen stay in the city but send Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret, to evacuate to Windsor. 


April 21, 1942 – When Elizabeth turns 16, she inspects the Grenadier Guards, carrying out her first public engagement.


1947 – She gives a speech about her dedication to the Commonwealth in South Africa on her first overseas trip. 


November 20, 1947 – Elizabeth is married to her third cousin, Philip, at Westminster Abbey. 


November 14, 1948 – Prince Charles is born.


August 15, 1950 – Princess Anne is born.


January 31, 1950 –  Elizabeth and Philip leave for a tour of east Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


February 6 1952 – George VI dies while Elizabeth is in Kenya and succeeds to the throne.