Senior Spotlight: Gray Sutton

Cooper Ams, Print Editor

This week’s Senior Spotlight is on RMA’s very own Gray Sutton! Gray has been a part of the RMA community since his second-grade year. If you know Gray, you know that he is quite the character, as he is always cracking jokes and making people laugh. When asked to describe himself, Gray used the words “Casual, funny, and caring.” While these are perfect ways to describe Gray, I would personally include creative, trustworthy, dependable, and empathetic. Having known Gray for quite a while, I can personally say that these qualities are accurate ways to describe him and fully encompass his personality. Gray has always been there for me when I have needed him, whether it be when I need help catching up on a class I might have missed or when I need help solving a problem. I am confident when I say that Gray’s welcoming and caring personality will take him far in life.

When it comes to academics here at RMA, Gray continuously challenges himself to be the best student he can possibly be. This year is no different for Gray, as his schedule consists of Music, Calculus Honors, English 12 Honors, AP Environmental, Ceramics, and Drama. In the past years, Gray has also enrolled in classes such as Pre-Calculus and AP Biology to challenge himself academically. In addition to keeping his grades up in all of his classes, Gray also participates in many extracurricular events both inside and outside of school. Gray used to be a member of the RMA Shooting Team, where he was awarded the Coaches Award for his effort and success in competitions. Gray also has played soccer for RMA throughout his high school years. Having watched Gray on the field, I can tell that he is devoted to being the best that he can possibly be at whatever he does. Outside of school, it is quite evident that Gray’s true passions lie in outdoor activities. Gray is an avid hunter and fisher, as he claims that “[He] hunts more than [he] goes to school.” While this is quite an exaggeration, it is not an exaggeration to say that Gray has a love for these activities. Gray takes pride in his 13-point buck, which is the biggest deer he has shot in his entire hunting career. It is quite difficult to maintain a social life while also holding yourself to a high standard academically, but Gray proves that he does this very well. This ability is very commendable and it will take him a long way in whatever job he gets in the future.

As for future plans, Gray has committed to Brevard to study environmental science, as he hopes to one day have a job in the forestry industry. Saying goodbye to a graduating senior is never easy, especially when they are as important and special as Gray. Close friend and classmate, Wade Collins, speaks on his friendship with Gray, saying, “Gray and I have been close friends ever since we met when I was the new kid in 3rd grade. Ever since then, there has not been a single day that Gray has failed to brighten the mood of everyone around him with his easygoing and lighthearted personality.” I speak for the entire RMA family when I say that he will go on to do great things in life, and we wish him nothing but the best in the future!


Get to know Gray:


If you were trapped on a deserted island what would you bring and why?– Water, Cooper, and a bouncy house


What will you miss about RMA?- Mr Stancavishs rants


Who is your role model?- My grandfather, he has taught me everything I know