The Wheels vs Doors Debate

The Wheels vs Doors Debate

Mary Kimbrell Livermon, Photographer/Videographer

A debate has separated TikTok users over the past week into two groups: Team Wheels versus Team Doors. This debate started when Ryan Nixon posted a poll on Twitter because he was having a debate with his friends about whether or not there are more doors in the world or wheels. In his poll, 53.6% of people said wheels, and 46.4% said doors. As a result of this, the two groups seem to almost be equally divided. The wheels and doors debate quickly became the new trend on TikTok because users decided to post their opinions on the debate. New objects that were not realized to have a door or wheel have been introduced through people trying to gain favor towards their side of the debate. With that being said, there are many objects and places that are being used as evidence for which side has more.


Team Doors

If you are on the side of team doors, you might try and argue that there are multiple doors within each house. Because there are so many houses in the world, the number of doors adds up rapidly. Outside of family homes, there are residence halls at every college campus that have a door for each room. That room might have two doors because of the bathroom. When you think about how many universities there are, you might find yourself convinced that doors outnumber wheels. Doors do not have to be confined to a place, because they can be attached to an object as well. Some people argue that caskets have a door, which would increase the door count. 


Team Wheels

If you are trying to convince a friend that wheels undoubtedly outnumber doors, here are some objects you can use to strengthen your argument: hospital beds, hospital equipment, cars, suitcases, and rolly chairs within lecture halls. Some people try to say that cars do not work as an argument because cars also have four doors. Even though that is true in most cases, some cars only have two doors and eighteen-wheel semi-trucks have sixteen more wheels than doors on that one truck. Although each hospital room has two doors, the bed and equipment with wheels within each room cancel out the two doors for the room. With that being said, team wheels have a very strong argument.


I decided to construct my own poll on some students at Rocky Mount Academy. 4 out of 21(19%) students said there are more doors, and 17 out of 21 (81%) said there are more wheels. Although the internet seems to be equally divided, students at RMA appear to gravitate towards wheels outnumbering doors.