The Nine Different Personality Types According to the Enneagram Test


Virginia Feagans, Co-Editor

According to the Enneagram Personality Test, there are nine different core personality types. People can take the test for free, and it is as simple as checking a box on each of the statements provided. The different types of personality are The Givers, The Achievers, The Individualists, The Investigators, The Skeptics, The Enthusiasts, The Challengers, The Peacemakers, and The Perfectionists. They are described as follows: 

  1. The type ones are known as “The Perfectionists”. Serious and logical, they feel the need to change things for the greater good. Core values include responsibility and integrity.
  2. Type twos are called “The Givers”. These are very compassionate and kind, and they often put others’ needs before their own. Some of their core values are kindness and altruism.
  3. Type threes, or “The Achievers”, are very charismatic and refined. They set very high standards for themselves in order to reach whatever goal they are aiming for. Type three core values are productivity, achievement, and recognition. 
  4. Type fours are also known as “The Individualists”, and they are very focused on the individual. They take the saying “march to the beat of your own drum” very seriously and seek to find out who they truly are deep down. Core values include, but aren’t limited to, creativity and authenticity. 
  5. Type fives are called “The Investigators”. They are motivated by a want to be proficient and often have a good understanding of their environment. They have a strong need for knowledge and are often curious about everything. The core values of “The Investigators” are understanding and autonomy. 
  6. Called “The Skeptics”, type sixes are very responsible and committed to finding their place in the world. They are often very good communicators and are part of a very close friend group. Trust, safety, and security are the most important values to type sixes. 
  7. “The Enthusiasts”, or type sevens, are full of boundless energy and optimism. They are always on the go, with core values of happiness and open-mindedness. 
  8. Type eights are “The Challengers”. They are very independent, energetic, and sharp-minded. They come over failure stronger than they were before and are very goal-oriented. Core values often include honesty, influence, and justice. 
  9. The last (but definitely not least) group, the type nines, are called “The Peacemakers”. With core values of unity and kindness, they are often very gentle, skilled mediators of conflict. They often possess a calm demeanor. 

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