Ways to Give Back this Christmas


Mary Kimbrell Livermon, Photographer/Videographer

Most people think of Christmas as a time to open presents with the people they love. For some people, it is not possible to open presents or spend quality time with family on this anticipated holiday. It is important to remember these people and share Christmas with them when they would not be able to do so themselves. As items are added to Christmas wishlists, remember that some people are not as fortunate, or have different obstacles in their lives. Here are some examples on how you can make a difference this Christmas and put a smile on someone else’s face!


Ripple Effects

Ripple Effects is a local organization to help families in Nash and Edgecombe County. There is a donation table at Rocky Mount Academy that is collecting items for this organization such as new blankets, new adult socks, hygiene items (paper towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, soap, lotion, shaving items, and dollar store gift cards). Donations will be collected until December 16th.


Secret Santa for Seniors

An alternative to donating to a specific organization is spending Christmas gifts to seniors individually. Secret Santa for Seniors is a project to reach seniors in the community who are in nursing and rehabilitation centers, or are currently living alone during the Pandemic. “Secret Santas” will be matched with a senior buddy to individually send Christmas gifts by mail or delivery. If you would like to be a “Secret Santa,” you can contact Mary Kimbrell Livermon ([email protected]) with your name and phone number by December 14th at the latest. If you know of a senior that needs some Christmas cheer, please send Mary Kimbrell the senior’s name and address by December 14th also. Monetary donations are also being accepted to help purchase gifts for additional seniors. 


Food Banks

Another way to make a difference this holiday season is donating food to people in need in Rocky Mount. Food banks are a great way to easily collect food to be distributed throughout the town. Donations are always appreciated and are in constant demand all year round. As you buy food for Christmas dinner, little effort is involved in making sure other people have the chance to provide food for their family. Some food pantries in Rocky Mount are St. James Missionary Baptist Church, Salvation Army, Agape Reach, and Englewood Baptist Church. 


Christmas is right around the corner, and your actions can help brighten other people’s holiday!