Christmas Gift Ideas for Upper Schoolers


Mari Robin Tharin, Secretary

Each year, the weeks leading up to Christmas are consumed by the tradition of giving and receiving! Part of what makes the holidays so special is being able to choose something thoughtful and meaningful to give to family, friends, and neighbors. Many Upper School students are asked to make a wish list, and some people find this to be very difficult. Whether you are buying for someone else or asking for something for yourself, this guide is full of gift ideas for Upper Schoolers!


  1. Letter Boards: Letter boards are a fun way to put up a message and make great room decor! 
  2. Mini Waffle Maker: Who doesn’t love waffles? Mini waffle makers are an awesome gift because they are not very expensive and perfect for anyone who enjoys making food or eating waffles! 
  3. Hydro Flask Water Bottle: These water bottles are great because they keep water cold for 24 hours! Their website offers a wide variety of colors and sizes. I love how bright all of the colors are, and it can also be fun to cover your water bottle in stickers!


The next few gifts may appeal more to girls. These may seem like obvious gifts, but it is truly what every RMA girl wants. The ever changing trends make girls very difficult to shop for, which is why I have included popular brands and specifics!

    1. Jewelry: Jewelry can often be a very meaningful gift because it reminds us of the person who gave us the piece of jewelry when we wear it. Colorful earrings have been very popular this year, along with fun bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Two very popular name brands among RMA students this year have been Bauble Bar  and Kendra Scott.
    2. Clothing: Upper school girls are at the age where receiving new clothes is one of the most exciting parts about Christmas morning. Anything from athletic clothing to new dressy outfits is sure to make a girl happy on Christmas morning! Here are some suggestions: 
    3. Shoes: Over the past few years, vibrant tennis shoes and high top shoes have been trending. They have such a fun look and are very comfortable too! Casual tennis shoes are also a great gift! You can’t go wrong with any of these options: 


With the help of Senior Miller Rogers, I have provided suggestions for gifts for Upper School boys!

  1. Hoodies: Hoodies can be found on almost every Upper School boy during the colder months of the school year! Hoodies are a great gift because guys get so much use out of them. Check out these suggestions: 
  2. Hunting Clothes/Shoes: Miller strongly suggests waders and says that they are essential for anyone who enjoys hunting. He also says that Xtratufs are great for hunting, and I think they are great for a rainy day regardless of whether or not you are a hunter! Xtratufs are by far the best rainboots I have ever owned as far as both quality and style go! 
  3. Sunglasses: Another great gift idea is sunglasses. Everyone gets excited about a new pair of sunglasses, especially those who love to spend time outside! Sunglasses are also a very useful gift. Popular brands include and 


I hope this guide has been a helpful source for you as you create wish lists and shop for others!