Top 10 State Fair Rides


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The N.C. State Fair from the air on a beautiful fall night Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017. Official fair rules prohibit drone flights over any fair property, including parking lots. This photograph was made from off of fair property by an FAA certified drone pilot. Tuesday’s attendance at the N.C. State Fair was 76,844, compared with 75,995 last year. The 10-year average for Tuesday is 72,516.

Virginia Feagans, Co-Editor

The North Carolina State Fair has many features that attract people from all counties, but one of the main factors are the rides. The Ferris Wheel, Giant Swings, and Drop Tower are just a few iconic rides on this list, and since the fair closed last Sunday, continue reading to see a recap of the Top Ten rides at the fair this year. 

The most obvious and iconic ride on this list is the Ferris Wheel. It is included in every N.C. State Fair and this year, the fair had five different ones to choose from. If you’ve ever been to the State Fair, then you know how iconic these rides are and that they are a must do for anyone visiting. 

The second ride included on this list is the Giant Swings. This year, there were three different ones to choose from, each at a different height and pace. This ride has had some levels of controversy due to the levels of unsafety to the ride, but updated protocols and inspections have allowed the ride to keep coming back to the fair year after year. 

The Tilt-A-Whirl is a ride that has been coming back to the state fair ever since it’s beginnings. This ride is fairly simple, since all it does is basically spin you around on an uneven platform for a couple of minutes, but due to its recurring appearance at the fair, it has become one of the most recognizable ones there. 

The fair also has many different types of roller coasters, ranging from kid friendly to ones that are better suited for teens and young adults. This year, the fair had a total of six roller coasters, all with varying degrees of longevity and intensity. If you went to the fair this year, you were sure to see and experience at least one of them!

The Zero Gravity ride is also a traditional recurring ride. This ride relies on gravity to hold the rider in place as it spins you around for a few minutes. This ride is one everyone should experience at the fair at least once in their lifetime. 

Another very recognizable ride at the fair is the drop tower. It is one of the most classic rides you will ever see at the state fair and it never fails to be entertaining to the riders and the people watching from the ground. This ride takes you up to jaw dropping heights and then, at its peak, drops you down. The drop tower is another ride that should be experienced by someone at least once in their lifetime. 

The final ride on this list is the chairlift. This is a seven to fourteen minute ride that takes you above the fair so you can see it from another perspective. It is a must do ride for anyone going to the fair.

If you went to the fair this year, you were sure to see the rides and definitely need to make sure to check them out next year!