Media Office’s Favorite Long Lunch Destinations!


Mary Hanna Bryant, Treasurer

Long Lunch is a cherished tradition at Rocky Mount Academy. The privilege of going out to lunch during our flex and lunch periods is something that is awaited all throughout high school. Juniors cherish their Friday long lunches, while seniors relish in their freedom every day of the week. Students rush to make it to school on time, making sure that they are eligible for their privilege. While some students choose to retire for their break at home with a nice meal in front of the television, many students choose to eat somewhere in town. However, deciding where to eat can easily become complicated. Here below are the Media Office’s favorite recommendations to help you decide!


Virginia Feagans- “My favorite long lunch destination is Chick-fil-A. The line is not as bad as you think it would be, and I go every Friday for long lunch with my friends. It has become a sort of tradition and it is the best part of my week.”


Mari Robin Tharin- “My favorite places to go are Honey Baked Ham and Chick-fil-A! I love Honeybaked because it is quick and close to school so you can sit down and eat. My go-to order is the cookie, lemonade, and sandwich! I love Chick Fil A because it is my favorite fast food, and I can get coffee or a milkshake to go with my chicken strips and mac and cheese!”


Mary Hanna Bryant- “My favorite place is Chew N Chat, because of its close proximity to school, delicious food, and extremely nice staff. My friends and I go so often that they remember our orders! Another favorite is Smithfield’s because my friends and I always eat outside.”


Lindsay Boyette- “My favorite long lunch destination is Chick Fil A. Even though the line can be long and it is a little pricey, the food definitely makes up for it.”


Cooper Ams- “My favorite place is Taco Bell. I usually choose Taco Bell because of its short line and inexpensive food. While it is not one of the most glamorous places in Rocky Mount, it gets the job done. If I want something else, I either go home to fix my own food or go to Bojangles.”

 Mary Kimbrell Livermon- “I like Which Wich because it’s not too far away from school, the sandwiches are great and the service is quick!”