Best Halloween Movies


Virginia Feagans, Co-Editor

Since Halloween is almost upon us, it is the perfect time to cozy up and watch a movie. There are tons of movies out there that are fun to watch during this spooky season, so if you want some suggestions, please read along. 

If you are looking for a movie that would be great to watch with children of all ages, might I suggest The Nightmare Before Christmas. It follows a skeleton named Jack Skellington  who is from Halloweentown and known as the Pumpkin King. However, he has become bored with his role, and while on a walk in the forest, stumbles upon the door to Christmas town. Entranced by all the lively colors and new sights, he comes up with a plot to kidnap Santa and take over Christmas for the year. However, he soon finds pulling off this plan might be harder than anticipated. This whimsical movie is filled with lots of laughs and music and is sure to be entertaining for everyone!

If you are looking for a classic halloween movie, be sure to check out Hocus Pocus. After moving from California to Salem, Massachusetts, a teenager named Max Dennison accidentally frees three witches after dismissing the warnings given to him by his sister, Dani, and friend, Allison, saying that they were being superstitious. In order to prevent the witches from becoming immortals, the three kids will attempt to steal their book of spells, with some help from some new friends found in unlikely places. This movie is a fun, action packed adventure that is enjoyable by children and adults alike, and is perfect to get into the Halloween mood. 

Another movie that is fun for all ages is Halloween Town. When Marnie and her brother follow their grandmother to her home, they get a huge surprise when they discover that she is a witch who lives in Halloweentown. This town is for supernatural beings, so they have a place they belong and can fit in. On her thirteenth birthday, Marnie discovers that she is also a witch. She also discovers that she and the rest of her family are involved in a fight that, if lost, could doom the entire world. This timeless childhood Halloween classic is a must see for kids and adults alike. 

If you are looking for a scary movie, then I would suggest Scream. This horror classic follows Sidney Prescott and her small town’s fear of being the next victim of a rampant serial killer. While not suitable for younger children, this movie manages to maintain a level of suspense while still being funny and entertaining. This is another very rewatchable classic that you should definitely check out before the end of the Halloween season. 

I hope you found these suggestions helpful, and be sure to check out these movies to get into the Halloween spirit.