Ezra Moore’s Outstanding Musical Accomplishment


Mary Kimbrell Livermon, Photographer/Videographer

The North Carolina Music Educators Association High School Honors Chorus is an esteemed honor to be accepted into. Junior Ezra Moore placed 10th chair to take on the role of being in this year’s Honors Chorus. The North Carolina Music Educators Association High School Honors Chorus is an organization to educate and aid musicians throughout North Carolina. They provide professional support with the purpose of advancing musical growth. Singers around North Carolina display their talent while performing in this chorus, and Rocky Mount Academy is proud to have Ezra Moore represent us on a state level. 

As Ezra’s fellow classmate, I am beyond proud of his accomplishments over the years. His positivity affects everyone around him, and his singing brings a smile to my face. Because I am not musically talented at all, I am amazed by Ezra and his musical talents. I asked him some questions to satisfy my curiosity:


When did you realize your love for singing?

It’s been long enough ago that I can’t even remember. I know I liked theatre by the time I was 10. I sang solo onstage for the first time when I was in fourth grade, and I was in my first musical in sixth grade. I really enjoyed singing so I started taking voice lessons 2 years ago (by then I had been in 7 musicals, I believe) and I’ve been competing ever since.

What is your favorite song to sing?

For fun, I sing What I Was Born to Do from Bring It On The Musical a lot to get me pumped up. My favorite song I sang for a competition was Grand Knowing You from She Loves Me. It’s a lot of crazy fun and has a lot of hilarious hidden insults.

Do you plan on continuing your singing career in college?

Currently I want to do Musical Theatre in college so I can keep singing and dancing, but hey, we’ll figure it out soon.

Do you play any instruments?

I’ve been playing piano for 8 years, and I started playing violin when I was about 3. (I also know 4 chords on ukulele.)

What is your favorite thing about singing?

I honestly have no clue. It’s a challenge, but I can practice in my car without working up a sweat. I guess I enjoy those moments where I get to be someone else for a bit, and it’s so rewarding when you finally hit that note or memorize that one line.

When do you compete next?

I just filmed my audition for this year’s NATS musical theatre competition, and I’ll be submitting those on October 13th.

Were you in chorus growing up?

I did middle school chorus, and of course I participated in stuff at school like the spring arts festival in lower school, but I was never in Tar River Chorus or anything like that.

Do you have any hobbies other than singing?

My really only big non-musical hobby is collecting comics, mainly Marvel. My favorite is Spider-Man. I think I bought my first comic on my 12th or 13th birthday. I reached the 1000 comic mark a few months ago….

What is your favorite musical and why?

Ok, I’m sorry, but I love the Spongebob Musical so much. It’s actually incredibly well-written and everyone is just having a good time. You can’t leave without smiling and that’s why I love musicals in general, they make you smile.


Ezra will continue to amaze everyone around him every day, and we hope the best for him and his singing career throughout the years!