Weaver Recipient and Nominees Adjust to RMA


Virginia Feagans, Co-Editor

The Weaver Scholarship is one of RMA’s most prestigious scholarships, with many impressive candidates and only one recipient. This year, the scholarship winner was Isabella Daza, who transferred from Red Oak Middle. She feels like RMA has given her more freedom in her school day, with smaller classes, more centralized learning, and the ability to readily access her locker. She does not have a favorite teacher yet and loves all of them so far, but her favorite class is World History because she really enjoys learning about past civilizations. Some challenges she has faced with coming to RMA would be more homework, but says that it will be beneficial in the long run because it is teaching her how to manage her time better. Her hardest class would be math, since it has never been her strongest subject. Isabella really enjoys RMA’s welcoming atmosphere and is very excited about playing sports with her friends, especially soccer! One of the things Isabella misses the most about her old school would be her friends, since it can be difficult to not be able to see the friends you grew up with everyday. Some advice she would give to anyone considering applying to the scholarship would be to just go for it, because it could end up being a really great decision for your future! She also says to just be yourself when you are interviewed or filling out the questions because “everyone is unique in their own way and that’s what stands out, your story and background is what sets you apart!” 

One of last year’s many qualified candidates was Hank Berry, who transferred from Elm City Middle school. Some things he is enjoying about RMA is the fifty minute class time, instead of two hour class times, morning break, our assigned electives, and the ability to eat almost anywhere on campus. Hank is also loving lunch, break, flex, and study hall because he is able to get his work done and spend more time with his friends. His favorite teacher is Ms. Baker, because she keeps the class interested in books that they might not have been interested in before and his favorite class is Biology, because he loves going outside during nature walks and being able to use microscopes to analyse different objects. Some challenges he has encountered are having more homework and having to learn to manage his time better so he can get everything done. Hank is most excited for basketball season because he thinks it will be a great season and a lot of fun! His hardest class would definitely be geometry. To anyone considering applying, he would tell you to not stress about the interview, and as long as you are yourself, the questions are simple and easy to answer. 

Another one of last year’s candidates was Cameron Dawkins, who transferred from Nash Central Middle school. Some things he is finding different about RMA is more time outside of the classroom, which helps completing work, all of RMA’s accepting students, and the fact that every subject is taught thoroughly, which helps students find their strengths and weaknesses. His favorite teacher so far is Mrs. Lehnes and his favorite subject is Biology, due to its interactiveness. Some challenges Cameron has faced are the fast paced classes and moving quickly while changing classes. He is most excited about taking responsibility for himself and his work and his hardest class would definitely be Geometry. To anyone considering applying to the scholarship, Cameron would say to “know yourself as a person and try to better yourself everyday”. 

It is so great to see all of our candidates adjusting to school at Rocky Mount Academy so well. We would like to wish them the best of luck here at RMA!