SGA Results


Mari Robin Tharin, Secretary

At the beginning of each year, the Middle School students and Upper School students have the opportunity to run for a Student Government Association position! Posters fill the halls and candidates go around in an effort to ensure that they will receive the votes of their peers! Positions include Homeroom Representatives for Middle School or Grade Representatives for Upper School, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Members of the Student Government Association plan dances, help with fun events around the school, and organize bake sales and other creative fundraising events.

All Middle School candidates are required to present a speech. Many choose to hang posters around the hallways and come up with creative slogans to spread their name around the school. This year’s Middle School SGA results were, President: Essie Chafin (8th Grade), Vice President: Ward Rose (8th Grade), Secretary: Charlotte Ross (7th Grade), and Bo Boles (6th Grade). Homeroom Representative Winners include, Ms. Barry: Sophie Chafin (6th Grade), Ms. Jacob: Emma Vire (6th Grade), Mrs. Viverette: Elizabeth Chestnutt (6th Grade), Mr. Herbert: Katie Kos (7th Grade), Mr. Powell: Carter Smith (7th Grade), Mrs. Minard: Annika Plonski (7th Grade), Ms. Langley: Gehrig Miller (8th Grade), and Ms. Covolo: Walt Fisher (8th Grade). President Essie Chafin quoted, “ It’s exciting for me to be seen as a role model for younger students.” Congratulations to these extraordinary students, and thank you to all candidates for their hard work!

Upper school students also worked hard to spread their names around school in hopes of receiving the majority of votes! All candidates displayed hard work and dedication, proving themselves to be leaders among Upper School. This year’s winners, all seniors, were, President: Mary Hanna Bryant, Vice President: Davis Epps, Secretary: Anna Brooks Gaynor, and Treasurer: Law Kitchin. Grade Representatives include, 9th Grade: Michan Boseman and Taylor Holloway, 10th Grade: Gabbi Ams and Juhee Desai, 11th Grade: Kate Hudgins and Harrison Vaughn, and 12th Grade: Lindsay Boyette and Shelton Honey. When asked about her goals for the year, Secretary Anna Brooks Gaynor said, “I want to make Homecoming and Spirit Week super fun and get everyone involved because we didn’t get to do it last year. As Secretary, I hope to make sure it is all organized!” All candidates did a fabulous job, and we are so excited to see what our new SGA members will bring to Upper School this year!