Faculty Focus: Hanna Mizell


Virginia Feagans, Co-Editor

This week’s Faculty Focus is on RMA’s new athletics teacher, Hanna Mizell. She is originally from Wendell, North Carolina and attended both UNCW and Meredith College, where she majored in Exercise and Sports medicine with a concentration in Health and Physical Education. She loves all things sports and outdoors, especially fishing and hunting. Growing up, she played softball, basketball, cheer, dance, volleyball, soccer, swim, and she even took piano! One of the most defining moments of her life was when she transferred from UNCW to Meredith College. Meredith felt like home and she knew it was the right fit for her. This is why she loves being at RMA, with teachers and staff that truly care for the students they teach. 

Ms. Mizell would babysit when she was younger and this made her realize how much she enjoyed working with kids. She combined her love for sports with her love for children, making a PE teacher the perfect job for her. The person who has made the biggest impact on her life would be her dad. He was her softball coach from the time she was four to when she graduated high school. Not only that, he was also her life coach and best friend. 

Some other interesting facts about her is that her biggest pet peeves are when someone leaves their parked car by the gas pump (especially when there is a line!), and when black friday sales start on the Thursday before, because people need to be at home enjoying Thanksgiving and time with their family. Her dream vacation includes somewhere with warm sand and palm trees, beautiful clear water, good food, and lots of sunshine. Her favorite TV show is “Friends” because nothing bad happens and it is hilarious. Her favorite part of being at Rocky Mount Academy is the way it feels like family, with everyone being so supportive and willing to help each other. We hope that you have gotten to know Coach Mizell a little bit better and would like to wish her good luck on her first year here at Rocky Mount Academy!