Where Should You Work This Summer?


Mary Hanna Bryant, Treasurer

As the school year is coming to an end and busy teenage schedules begin to subdue, many teens will start looking for a summer job. A summer job is a good idea for many reasons: you are able to make some money for yourself, you are held accountable to be on time, and any job you do will give you good experience for the future. If you already know what you plan to do for a career, you might want to think of summer jobs that will give you some experience before college. If your schedule is busy in the summer, it is also a good idea to make sure you have a flexible boss that will work well with your schedule. Some of the most popular jobs to do as a teen are are: 


Retail salesperson

There are many stores in town where you can apply to work. Working in retail will help you learn better communication skills, as well as introduce you to more people. Another factor that comes with working in retail is multitasking. When working with people as well as clothes, you may be expected to do many things at once. 


Being a lifeguard is a popular job in the summer. Not only are you able to meet many people that come to the pool, but you can get a tan! While it may become tiring to sit in the sun everyday and watch others swim, the personal swimming breaks when no one else is at the pool are always a plus!


Being a nanny is an around the clock job, but the plus side about this is that you will be able to become close with the child or children you babysit. Hopefully, if you do your job well, you will keep getting asked to nanny for years to come!

 Camp counselor

A camp counselor has always been something I have wanted to do. Although I have not gotten the chance, many of my friends have been counselors and absolutely loved it! Not only will you meet tons of kids, but the relationships you build with the other counselors will last forever! 

Restaurant host

Being a restaurant host/waiter is an excellent job for helping to build communication skills. This job is for someone with patience and who can handle customers they may not like with respect. While it may not be for everyone, it is definitely a good job to help you learn good work ethic. Restaurants are always looking for people to hire!

Golf caddy

Being a golf caddy is always a teen favorite. The Benvenue Cart Boys love their job of cleaning the golf carts and such during the summer, and the boys have grown to be quite good friends as well!

Ice cream scooper

What’s better than being around ice cream all day? Not much! Working at an ice cream shop is always a fun job. Not only will you see many people coming in and out, but you can sample some flavors as you work!