Movies to Make You Excited About Summer!


Mary-Edith Cox, Social Media Chair

Summer is quickly coming up, and let’s face it — we are all a bit antsy for the warm days ahead. While we wait for those beach-filled days to come, we need to find some entertainment to hold us over. Here’s a good solution: why not watch a bunch of films about the summertime? They all will make you pumped and ready. 


Thank goodness Hollywood came prepared, because over the years, a good amount of movies about summer have been released. Some are downright classics (remember Dirty Dancing?), while some are a little less well-known. I spent some time and curated a great list of movies about summer. Enjoy them, and be prepared for quite a good movie ride.


  1. Dazed and Confused: If there’s one iconic flick about summer, it’s this 1993 classic. Following a group of slacker seniors as they prepare to leave for college, the movie features some fresh faces, including one lone actor named Matthew McConaughey. With all the hijinks and ‘70s costumes, you’re likely to be quite alright, alright, alright after watching this one.


  1. High School Musical 2: If you have not seen this film, then you can’t call yourself a true Zac Efron fan. Set just a few months after the events of the first movie, the gang from East High finds themselves working at an exclusive country club where Sharpay and Ryan’s family casually go all summer. It’s a classic Disney Channel Original Movie and definitely one you need to watch if you want to feel like a teen again.


  1. Dirty Dancing: This is peak good-girl-meets-bad-boy trope. I mean, I can’t be the only one who wants to be Baby, dancing in the forbidden arms of Johnny Castle (aka Patrick Swazey) at my parents’ upstate resort, right? Maybe you will have the time of your life streaming this one.


  1. The Last Song: The movie that started the Miley/Liam whirlwind! Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, the duo plays a couple who come from extremely different worlds. He’s busy trying to find his way in the world as a volleyball player, while she’s trying to rebuild her relationship with her ailing father. It’s the small town love story we all want to have some time in our lives. As for now, enjoy it on the screen!


  1. Cheaper By the Dozen 2: The Bakers are back — and this time they are off to their old lake house! But what they don’t expect is another family to also be vacationing there, bringing up old rivalries and new romances. Only time will tell, but expect a lot of mischief from these dozen kids.


  1. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: In their first summer apart, four girls discover that they all magically fit into one pair of pants. As each of them sets off on her own adventure, the pants (and the teens!) fall in love, grieve, and grow up. It’s a classic!


  1. The Parent Trap: Long-lost identical twins meet at a summer camp and decide to come up with the perfect plan: switch places, learn what the parent they haven’t met is like, and then bring said parents back together and have them fall in love. While they don’t necessarily see a few things coming (ahem, Meredith Blake), the two discover what it means to be a family.


  1. The Sandlot: We’ve all seen this movie at some point. A group of kids at the local baseball field in 1962 all approach adolescence… while also having to compete against a rival baseball team once in a while.


  1. Summer Catch: Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jessica Biel star in this romantic comedy, following a local ball player who has dreams of making it to the MLB. There’s one thing potentially stopping him though: his crush Tenley, who distracts him from being at the top of his game. Do the twosome split in order to achieve their dreams, or do they try to make it work? It’s a quirky film with a bit of raunchiness. If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll for sure enjoy this one.