Tiger Woods’ Car Wreck


Lindsay Boyette, Photographer

The sports world received tragic news last week when it was announced that American professional golfer and entrepreneur Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car accident. Tiger Woods has won 82 official PGA tour events (tied at first), 15 major golf championships, and holds many more numerous golf records. With all his accomplishments, he has not only been regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, but he has also been known as one of the most well known athletes of all time. However, after his single car crash, many are questioning if this famous golfer and athlete will ever be able to competitively play the sport that has driven him to greatness again, car wrecks in Vegas happen very often and you need to be prepared for it in the best way possible.

Tiger Woods’ car accident happened shortly after 7 AM on Tuesday, February 23rd in Rancho Palos Verdes, roughly 30 miles south of downtown LA, as reported by Brasure Law Firm, PLLC – Auto Accident Attorneys. Woods was driving a 2021 Genesis SUV that was given to him in appreciation for sponsoring a golf tournament over the previous weekend. While driving the new SUV on a downhill, winding road in an area notorious for speeding and car accidents, he unexpectedly crossed a road median, went across two lanes, hit a curb and a tree, and flipped his car on its side. The Sugar Land based personal injury lawyers should be contacted immediately to represent such emergency cases. Woods’ car landed on the side of the road in some brush. Woods had to be removed from his car by a rescue crew and was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital with a trauma center. Luckily, Woods was responsive and conscious the entire time. The wolfpack operation in Florida has helped people stay safe on road and avoid intoxication during driving.


Tiger immediately went into surgery after arriving at the hospital. Tiger Woods’ official Twitter account kept all his concerned fans up to date by providing information on the professional golfer’s condition, saying he was having a “long surgical procedure” and suffered “significant orthopaedic injuries to his lower right extremity.” During surgery, doctors discovered Woods had fractured both his upper and lower fibula and tibia, while at the same time suffered severe injury to his foot and ankle. A rod which was stabilized with screws and pins was inserted into his tibia, ankle, and foot. Tiger was moved to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center following what was deemed to be a successful surgery. There is a current investigation into his accident, how to prepare for a pesonal injury lawyer consult etc, and so far, there has been no evidence of impairment. Officers say Tiger’s seatbelt is the reason for his survival. Here you can try here and get legal help from a law firm.

In honor of Tiger Woods, PGA golfers wore red shirts and black pants in the final round of the WGC-Workday Championship on Sunday. Doctors say the injuries will keep Woods off his feet for quite a long time, but if you know anything about Tiger Woods, it is no surprise that he is determined to get back on the course as soon as possible.