The Media Office as Girl Scout Cookies


Emory Pittman, Print Editor

It is Girl Scout Cookie season! In honor of everyone’s favorite part of the dismal months of January and February, I am assigning a cookie to each of the Media Office’s staff members.


Mary Hanna Bryant – Lemonades

Mary Hanna Bryant is definitely Lemonades. She embodies the color yellow: happy, positive, and always shining bright. Not to mention her beautiful blonde hair! Mary Hanna has a bright smile and an infectious spirit that make her a ray of sunshine.

Emory Pittman – Thin Mints

I did not know what to give myself, but I was given the title of Thin Mint by my friends. As Thin Mints have a touch of peppermint, I am very sweet. Moreover, so many people count on Thin Mints this time of year as a staple Girl Scout Cookie. Just like them, I am very loyal and try my best to be there for everybody.

Mary-Edith Cox – Caramel deLites

Mary-Edith is Caramel deLites! This is a lot of people’s favorite cookie – just as Mary-Edith is a lot of people’s friend. She is always there to make you feel better with her encouraging words (she’s everyone’s hype woman), just like Caramel deLites make anybody happy instantly!

Hunter Nealey – Do-si-dos

Do-si-dos are a great indicator of Hunter Nealey. Like this peanut butter sandwich, Hunter may have a guarded exterior (though not one made of oatmeal), but inside, he is as warm and enjoyable as peanut butter. He is a hilarious, loyal, and clever person that everyone loves!

Jack Pittman – S’mores

Jack Pittman is like a S’more: a multifaceted individual. Like a S’more with multiple components, Jack is aways revealing a new aspect of his personality that makes him so well rounded. He is athletic, but also very intelligent, and also one of the funniest guys I know! All of these traits come together to create a great combo, just like S’mores!

Cooper Ams – Peanut Butter Patties

Cooper Ams is like a Peanut Butter Pattie because of his outstanding reliability. It’s a classic Girl Scout Cookie, one almost everyone enjoys. Cooper will always be there for you, offering comfort and a warm disposition whenever you need. You can always count on Peanut Butter Patties and Cooper.

Lindsay Boyette – Caramel Chocolate Chip

The Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie is Lindsay Boyette! Like these cookies, Lindsay is the perfect blend of sweet and salty: She is a great friend and always kind, but don’t forget her hilarious sass and wit that are sure to lift anyone’s spirits.