Senior Secret Santa


Mary Hanna Bryant, Treasurer

The Senior Secret Santa Organization was created by April Livermon, who wanted to reach out to senior citizens who are living alone and have become isolated. The health risks of COVID-19 have become far too great for them to be out in the public and with their families. Mrs. Livermon was inspired to begin this organization because of her mother, Mary McLawhorn, who has been greatly affected by isolation because of the coronavirus. She is 86 and was very active prior to the pandemic. Now, she is homebound and has lost some sense of independence, relying on relatives to bring her groceries and such. Seeing the impact the pandemic has had on her mother’s life, Mrs. Livermon knew that others were struggling too, and she wanted to help other seniors over the holidays to bring them some cheer! Mrs. Livermon first started off by a Facebook post, inquiring about people who would want to be a Secret Santa to the seniors, and if they knew a senior in isolation that would want to be involved. She also reached out to her church, Meals On Wheels, Covenant Home, and Brookdale Retirement Community in Greenville. Mrs. Livermon planned to start the program with only about 12 or 15 seniors, but the program grew and grew! She was soon able to attain 112 seniors and 60 Secret Santas. The seniors come from North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, and South Carolina. Although there ended up being more seniors than Secret Santas, Mrs. Livermon wanted to make sure everyone was included. She then assigned each Secret Santa to a senior buddy. Since there were 52 more seniors than secret santas, Mrs. Livermon plans to take care of the rest using the monetary donations she received through Facebook. Students from RMA and Girl Scout Troop 434 will help wrap the remaining gifts and deliver them to the seniors!

In the Secret Santa process, the seniors will first receive a note within their gift that explains that someone put them on a Secret Santa list. The next contact will be a Christmas card a few days later, and then after that they will get a handwritten note from their Secret Santa. The final gift will be given five or so days before Christmas. Gifts include Christmas puzzles, desk calendars, lotion, flashlights, and other small gifts to bring them joy! Some of the Secret Santas have already begun sending gifts, and a woman who attends Mrs. Livermon’s church thanked her for putting her in the exchange and requested to find out who her Secret Santa is! Mrs. Livermon’s main purpose through the program is to show the seniors that even though a lot has changed this year, they are still special, important, and loved! 


If you are interested in helping wrap presents or writing notes for the seniors, please contact April Livermon: 

Email: a[email protected]

Phone: 252-904-5208