Pfizer Vaccine


Cooper Ams, Co-Editor

With winter approaching, the COVID-19 pandemic has started to worsen with cold weather arriving. With the world having been in lockdown for the past 8 months, companies have worked nonstop to attempt to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.  Pfizer announced on Monday, November 9, that the results of their clinical trial produced promising numbers. Pfizer’s vaccine was found to be more than 90% effective on patients who had not been infected by the Coronavirus prior to testing. The test counted 94 positive cases out of 43,538 participants in the clinical trial, with 42% of the 43,538 participants having diverse backgrounds. Pfizer is still awaiting the data pertaining to safety and efficacy to be collected. With this data, the company will be allowed to submit their vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization to the Food and Drug Administration. These results are expected to be in by the third week of November. With these numbers being reported, Urgin Sahin, the creator of the vaccine says that his hopes are that life will return to normal by next winter, all thanks to their vaccine. Sahin says that it is great to now know that the Pfizer vaccine works and believes that other companies will follow in Pfizer’s footsteps. With earlier reports predicting that a vaccine will be roughly 60-70% effective, the Pfizer vaccine surpasses all expectations, giving hope to people all across the world that the world may be able to return back to normal. Sahin says that his goal continues to be distributing millions of doses of the vaccine to people across the world in order to prevent people from becoming ill with the deadly virus. With the number of deaths surpassing 1,000,000 recently, the threat of COVID-19 continues to grow, and the need for a vaccine grows by the minute. The United States is expected to require that frontline workers, such as doctors, nurses, and first responders, be prioritized and be allowed to receive the vaccine before the general public. This allows for workers with a high chance of becoming ill with the virus to be given the shots first to hopefully protect them from COVID-19. This vaccine gives people across the world hope that their lives may be able to return to normal after months of continuous change and stress.