Rocky Mount Coffee Shop Rankings


Hunter Nealey, Secretary

While Rocky Mount may be a fairly small city, it offers a range of coffee shops to satisfy any caffeine cravings. If and when you’re ever in the mood for a cup of coffee that’s a little better than Dunkin’ (not to disparage Dunkin’ coffee), these local coffee shops offer premium coffee in a great atmosphere. After knowing more about Above Average Coffee and visiting all of these shops, I am ready to rank them.


  1. Trax Coffee Bar

Located right across the street from City Hall, Trax coffee is the perfect place for a quick grab and go cup of joe. Trax offers great coffee, teas, smoothies, and specialty drinks in the heart of downtown. Another bonus that Trax offers is a wide variety of ice creams–perfect for the summertime. 


  1. Books and Beans

Located at the newly refurbished Rocky Mount Mills, Books and Beans joins Tipsy Tomato and TBC to offer a great cup of coffee. Books and Beans uses Counter Culture coffee beans, providing customers with a rich, full bodied coffee. If you’re not a big fan of coffee, I would recommend a cup of their hot chocolate. Books and Beans offers lunch items as well, specifically assorted paninis, all named after famous books and authors. What makes the atmosphere here so great are the shelves of books you can peruse as you enjoy your brew. 


  1. Morning Addiction Coffee House

Located on Hunter Hill Road right down the street from Nash General, Morning Addiction has, what I consider to be, the best coffee in the world. Offering a wide variety of syrup flavorings and creamer choices, Morning Addiction allows you to personalize your cup of coffee, building each order from the ground up. My drink of choice is a hot tiramisu with oat milk. Other good flavors include hazelnut, butterscotch, cinnamon, and many many many more. Plus, each drink comes with a complimentary chocolate covered espresso bean!


  1. Larema Coffee House

Located near Trax in downtown Rocky Mount, Larema offers coffee, tea, and pastries. Like Books and Beans, Larema uses Counter Culture coffee beans, giving their coffee a similar taste. However, what elevates Larema are their specialty drinks, such as their golden latte (a ginger flavored coffee with a flowery aftertaste). Another thing that sets Larema apart is the atmosphere. Perfect for after school studying or hanging out with friends, Larema has a large, open seating area, complete with sofas, tables, and bar seats! Larema also knows the importance of raising awareness and uplifting its community, highlighting black and POC business leaders that they have had the pleasure of collaborating with! Larema has cemented itself as an integral part of the Rocky Mount family.