Senior Spotlight: Leo Wang


Hunter Nealey, Secretary

This week’s spotlight is on Leo Wang. Although Leo is still attending RMA, he is learning from China at the moment. That won’t stop us from honoring one of RMA’s most talented and genuinely kind members of the class of 2021. 

Leo was born in Sichuan, China, in 2001. From there, he moved to China’s capital city of Beijing, where he grew up. Leo joined the RMA family in 2017 as one of our foreign exchange students from Beijing. Leo tackled the challenges of learning in a foreign country head on, simultaneously attending RMA classes and learning English, all while adapting to living in the United States. Teachers such as Mr. Stone, Ms. Keel, and Dr. Wells all agree that Leo is one of the most hardworking students they teach!

While traveling by bus on our junior year field trip, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Leo on the way to Florida. Leo was the best bus buddy a person could ask for, offering me his blanket when the heating system broke and passing the time with cards. I think about our bus ride whenever I am missing Leo. When asked about what he misses most about RMA, Leo says that he misses its lovely teachers and students. 

Although Leo always has a full plate, he always makes time for his friends at RMA. Leo injected the class of 2021 with a genuine kindness and generosity that was much appreciated by everyone around him; his good friend James Whitehurst can attest to this. With aspirations to attend Boston University and pursue a career in computer technology, Leo is sure to bring his charm and care with him wherever he goes!


Keep reading to learn more about Leo!

  • What is your favorite class at RMA? I love all of my math classes but also miss Mrs. Hunter’s art course.
  • What’s your favorite hobby afterschool? I enjoy playing video games, with League of Legends being my favorite. 
  • What’s your favorite movie? I love all of the Marvel movies, but Iron Man is definitely my favorite. I love his high tech suit!
  • Do you play any sports? Yes, I was on the RMA tennis team. 
  • What’s your favorite music genre and band? I am a big fan of pop music, especially Maroon 5.
  • What about China did you miss the most when living in the US? I missed my family and friends and if I’m being honest, the food.
  • What has been the biggest challenge of living in a foreign country? Overcoming the loneliness and strangeness of living in a new place, but it’s all worth it in the end.