Learning from Home


Mary Hanna Bryant, Treasurer

A few of the students at Rocky Mount Academy have been attending class virtually instead of being in school. These students have stayed in touch with teachers and classmates via Zoom. Virtual schooling varies greatly from being in school, which all students can attest to from learning remotely from March through May during the past school year. While most students at Rocky Mount Academy have returned to school, there are a few who chose to stay virtual. 


Although we miss seeing these friends, we are happy that the school is offering the option of remote learning. Some of these students answered a few questions about the challenges and benefits of online learning. After talking with Ariel Wang and Connor Jones, both stated that a benefit of online learning is that they are able to finish class early and have more free time. Bayden Collins adds that he enjoys having a flexible schedule and is able to complete assignments throughout the day instead of finishing assignments when the school day is over.


While having more time to do out-of-school activities is enjoyable, these students also pointed out downfalls to virtual learning. Ariel, a student learning from China, finds it challenging to learn because of the 12-hour time difference. Having math class and assignments late at night is not ideal. Connor finds it difficult to learn Spanish through a computer, as it is easy for pronunciation to be miscommunicated. Class discussions are hard to participate in through a computer, Bayden mentions. However, Bayden’s Advanced Models and Functions teacher, Mrs. Helms, is very helpful in making sure he gets all of his material and makes it seem as if he is in class instead of on a computer. Ariel, Connor, and Bayden all agree that it is hard not being able to see their friends at school, but the teachers and resources have made it easy to adjust. These students have adapted well to the extreme change of learning, completing homework assignments, taking tests, and getting extra help from teachers through a computer screen rather than in person. Rocky Mount Academy is proud to have the option of assisting their students in the best way possible.