Should Masks be a Fashion Statement?


Lindsay Boyette, Photographer

The fashion accessory trends of 2020 include padded headbands, chunky boots, statement chain necklaces, and more. But who would have thought a pandemic would sweep across the globe and change not only our lives, but also our style? As of now, you can add face masks to the list of 2020 fashion trends.

Since people all over the world are now wearing protective face masks, many believe they are certain to be the new, voguish fashion accessory of 2020. In many states, masks have become mandatory. If everyone has to wear a mask, many believe they should be personalized, stylish, and comfortable. Designer brands, local gift shops, boutiques, and even seamstresses all around the world are marketing masks.

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, masks are no longer just being made out of polypropylene, but also denim, silk, polyester, and leather; coming in tie dye designs, animal prints, and other patterns of your choosing. Even though a student can only wear a solid-colored mask to school, the mask you choose to wear in public gives you a chance to reflect your character and personality that others might not be able to see during quarantine. Until a vaccine is developed, many will continue to wear masks, causing them to become a part of the fashion norm. In fact, masks are becoming an everyday accessory. Could the world’s current health crisis change fashion? What does your mask look like outside of school?