Pros and Cons of Returning to School

Pros and Cons of Returning to School

Cooper Ams, Co-Editor

For the past few months, many people have been faced with the inevitable question: “Should schools return to in-person learning, or should they remain virtual?” With the COVID-19 pandemic still posing as a threat to the health of many people, select schools have chosen to return to in-person learning while following protocols suggested by HR advisors for schools in the UK. These suggestions include, but are not limited to, practicing social distancing when possible, wearing a face mask or covering over the mouth and nose, and cleaning every piece of supplies that is used during each class. Also, Rocky Mount Academy’s amazing janitorial staff thoroughly cleans each classroom daily after school. While taking the safest measures possible to return to school, there remain many pros and cons to reopening schools. Some pros are:

  1. It gives students the ability to socialize with their friends and classmates safely. 
  2. It gives students the ability to physically go to their teachers and ask for help if they need assistance with their work. 
  3. It allows students to leave their houses and be active while staying safe.

With the pros, however, come cons. Some cons to reopening schools are: 

  1. Even while practicing social distancing and wearing a mask, there is always a chance that you could still contract COVID-19.
  2. If somebody contracts the virus from school, they would take it home and it could spread to more people throughout their family.