New Students at RMA: Middle School


Lindsay Boyette, Photographer

Over the summer, Rocky Mount Academy had the opportunity to welcome sixteen new Middle School students, one of which will be participating virtually. Even though these students are not getting the normal RMA experience, they seem to be transitioning smoothly and enjoying their new school. Changing schools can be extremely difficult on kids, especially middle schoolers, but after talking with most of these new students, they seemed to feel differently. They all say RMA is a place where they felt welcomed upon arrival. Because they were greeted by the smiling faces and the positive attitudes of the other students, the new kids felt right at home. Lina Abukaff insisted, “Changing schools was easy because everyone at RMA is so friendly.” After experiencing a full week at RMA, middle schoolers made many new friends and decided what they liked best about their new school. When asked what their favorite thing about school was, 6th grader Peyton Duff quickly said the teachers and 6th grader John Bennett said the freedom. Talking to many other students, they all mentioned how much they are enjoying break. Some use the time during break to do their homework, talk to friends, listen to music, or enjoy RMA’s signature biscuits. Middle school break allows students to socialize and make friends with people that they do not see throughout the day. Like most middle school athletes, Caitlin Achilles is looking forward to sports, especially playing on the girls soccer team this spring. The majority of these new middle school students are so happy to be in school and especially at RMA. These students are a fantastic addition to the RMA student body. Welcome to RMA!


6th Grade New Students

Peyton Duff

Benjamin Waggoner

Xavier Santiago

John Bennett Godwin

Landry Rogers

Chloe Achilles

Matti Achilles 

Trevin Tyner

Will Robillard

Anum Lodhi

Deena Hasmi 


7th Grade New Students

Caitlin Achilles

Walt Fisher

Dustin Proctor

Lina Abukaff


8th Grade New Students

Henry Dunton