Meet the Media Office


Hunter Nealey, Secretary

This year’s RMA Media Office is a mix of old and new faces. As we go into this new school year bringing you weekly articles on everything RMA, we thought we should first introduce ourselves to you! 


Emory Pittman (Print Editor): In between editing all of our articles, Emory can be found hanging out in the drama room running lines for RMA’s production of High School Musical, where she’ll be playing Sharpay! For over three years now, Emory has not only contributed to the Eagle Examiner, but also every RMA musical she can! 


Jack Pittman (Copy Editor): After posting all of our articles, Jack is probably either playing soccer, working at the Benvenue Golf Shop, sleeping, or studying hard for French class. Jack has been going to RMA for over ten years and has made the most of them. Jack aspires to be someone who’s not stuck at a desk and lives life to the fullest.


Hunter Nealey (Secretary): After only one week in the Media Office, I can tell that it’s going to be a great experience. I’ve been attending RMA since the 2nd grade after moving to North Carolina from Massachusetts. In my time here, I’ve developed an interest in journalism and film and began working towards my Eagle Scout. 


Mary-Edith Cox (Social Media Chair): If you follow RMA’s Instagram or Twitter account, you can thank Mary-Edith for all the fun and informative posts! Mary-Edith is a lifer at RMA, having been here since Pre-K. In her time here, she has helped choreograph many RMA school musicals alongside starring in them. She can often be found in the drama room practicing with Emory for an upcoming play!


Lindsay Boyette (Photographer/Videographer): With over six years at RMA, Lindsay has made quite the impact on the current junior class. Lindsay has brought an all-around great presence to RMA, participating in various school clubs such as Youth and Government and Senior Beta. If you see her taking pictures at an RMA sporting event, be sure to say hi!


Mary Hanna Bryant (Treasurer): Without Mary Hanna, the Media Office would probably go broke. It’s her job as Treasurer to keep up with the Media Office’s finances. Mary Hanna is an avid volleyball player. She enjoys the beach and working with kids!


Cooper Ams (Co-Editor): Cooper’s job as Co-Editor involves him helping Emory edit all of the week’s articles before they are posted on the Eagle Examiner website. In between editing our articles, Cooper can be found playing RMA baseball and traveling around the world! Cooper aspires to work for an engineering firm (unless his dream job as Kevin James’s stuntman comes through).