Some Good News


Eliza Myers, Photographer

In the midst of this corona crisis, everyone needs Some Good News! John Krasinski, former star of “The Office,” has been bringing the world a little bit of good news every week of lockdown, and each episode gets better and better. Two weeks ago, I joined a prom livestream that he threw for the class of 2020 that included special guests, music, and a FaceTime with a member of the class of 2020 who was dressed for prom. The special guests included fellow Office star Rainn Wilson, Chance the Rapper, the Jonas Brothers, and my personal favorite, Billie Eilish. Watching a livestream of my senior prom in my sweatpants was definitely never something I thought would have to happen, but it was so much better than no prom at all. This is just one example of the crazy and inventive ways John Krasinski is going out of his way to bring good news to the world. 


He starts the videos with a segment discussing recent tweets, articles, and information that has been sent to him directly about the good that is happening in the world right now. Most things involve new ways that communities are coming together and displays of charity and kindness. These show that COVID-19 may be keeping us apart, but it is really bringing us together. Another example came a few weeks ago when he arranged a Zoom call with the entire cast of Hamilton for a superfan and had them sing “My Shot.” In the next episode, he honored nurses and doctors across the country by having AT&T take care of the phone bills of every health care worker in America. Most recently John held a potluck by asking people from all over the country to send in their favorite family recipes and a video of them making them. He chose his favorites and Skyped them alongside special guests for them to meet such as Stanley Tucci, Martha Stewart, David Chang, and Guy Fieri. It is such a special thing to watch John Krasinski make people’s days in quarantine a bit better. Watching this show is a nice and refreshing break from all of the constant, confusing, and at times scary news of the coronavirus. Check out this show on YouTube for some good news!