Senior Spotlight: Emma Stone


Emory Pittman, Print Editor

This week’s Senior Spotlight is on the one and only Emma Stone. Described as caring, honest, and driven, Emma has been an integral part of the class of 2020 from the beginning, earning her the title of “lifer.” Anyone at our school could tell you how blessed we are to have had Emma in our walls for so long. She has contributed so much to our community and we won’t be the same without her. Her close friend Gracyn Thompson says, “Emma is caring, kind, loving, and her laugh is contagious. She is truly a beautiful person and I’m grateful to call her my best friend. I know she will do so many amazing things in her future, and that she will do great at ECU. I will definitely miss her next year!”

The first of many places Emma shines in in the classroom. This year, she is taking Ecology, Advanced English, AFM, AP Biology, and AP Psychology. She also finds the time in her schedule to lend her talents to Yearbook. As proof of her knack for her studies, Emma has earned multiple academic awards throughout the last four years, including AB Honor Roll, A Honor Roll, and Headmaster’s List. She says that her favorite classes at RMA have been her English classes with Dr. O’Brien throughout middle and high school and her study halls, when she spends time with Mrs. A in the senior room. 

While at RMA, Emma participated in Key Club during her freshman through junior years. She also spent much of her time here outside of school hours on the basketball court in the winter or the soccer field in the spring. As someone who used to play basketball with her, I can say Emma is a very talented athlete and a great sport. Outside of school’s gates, she likes to hunt with her dad and friends, fish, and watch Netflix (as we all do).

Unfortunately, we have to let Emma leave us in the fall for East Carolina University, where she will surely succeed. She also applied to numerous other reputable schools like Barton, Meredith, High Point, and NC State. We are so sad to watch Emma go, but we know that she will grow immeasurably in college, as will her peers, and we can’t wait to have her visit from Greenville!


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  • Favorite long lunch destination? Chick-fil-A or Jersey Mikes.
  • What’s your favorite movie? Anything scary!
  • If you were given three wishes by a genie, what would you ask for? A good job, free gas, and infinite wishes.
  • What’s a quote you try to live by? Every day is a fresh start.
  • If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? My favorite song changes almost everyday, but definitely something country.
  • Who is your role model? My mom and dad.
  • If you could grow up in any decade, which would it be and why? Probably the 80s, because the movies make it look like a fun time.
  • What’s been your best memory from RMA? Meeting some of my best friends here!


Any advice to underclassmen? Do not wait until senior year to start getting good grades.