Senior Spotlight: Gabbi Stewart


Mary-Edith Cox, Social Media Chair

This week we are focusing on the stellar volleyball and softball player herself, Gabbi Stewart. Her competitive, loving, and passionate personality is the reason why so many people love her. She first came to RMA in 7th grade, and ever since then, Gabbi has made great memories, met some of her best friends, and excelled in both her academics and athletics. 

This year, Gabbi is taking Calculus, AP English, AP Statistics, AP Psychology, and Ceramics, AKA her favorite class. During high school, she has received the awards High Honor Roll and Honor Roll. She is also an avid member of the FCA at RMA. After school, Gabbi is found at practice in the spring and fall for softball and volleyball. She used to play basketball, but then she broke her nose during a game and never stepped back out on the court. Outside of school, Gabbi works at Pizza Inn as a waitress and also watches a whole lot of baseball.

Gabbi applied to UNC Chapel Hill, Liberty, NC State, and Meredith. However, in the upcoming fall, she will be attending Meredith College! Gabbi and the rest of the senior class will be missed! We send our love and know you are going to do great things in college!


To get to know this week’s senior, read the question and answer below!


  • What is something most people don’t know about you? I loveeeee traveling. 
  • If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? I could have an endless amount of money, I could travel anywhere in the world that I wanted, and that my dog would live forever. 
  • Who has made the biggest impact on your life? My grandma. She’s always so positive throughout any situation. 
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of? I was able to pass one of Mr. Stone’s AP classes with a high B. 
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Dominican Republic.
  • What’s one thing in your life you could not live without? Chick-fil-A.
  • What’s your favorite RMA memory? The coronavirus.
  • What will you miss most about RMA? What will you miss the least? Most- all of the many many softball memories. Least- Mr. Stone’s AP Euro class.