Youth and Government


Colin Huth

Eliza Myers, Photographer

This past weekend, a group of our students participated in the Youth and Government conference in Raleigh. Youth and Government is an organization that upholds their motto, “Democracy must be learned by every generation,” by allowing students from all over North Carolina to gather and engage in a mock state government. Over the course of just four days, student participants can learn to hone their skills at being Budget Analysts, Lobbyists, and Legislators. They can be in the Court of Appeals, Mock Trial, Freshman Forum, Media, or the Governor’s Cabinet. Students can also run and be elected into office. Through this program, I have learned so much about how the government works and the ins and outs of state politics. I have sat in Chamber and listened to and voted on bills presented by my constituents and I have learned what makes a good bill that can stand in both houses. I have learned what it means to be fiscally responsible, and that it is not anywhere near as easy as it appears to create legislature and pass it into law. For me, the conference has ultimately taught me many important things.

I believe I speak for every senior member of YAG when I say that if it had not been for my participation in this program I would not be the person I am right now. As a three year participant in this club, I have seen myself change and grow as a result of my participation. I have become more confident in myself and in my public speaking abilities. I have learned to think for myself as well as how to be responsible for myself. I made friends all over the state that I get to reunite with once a year to partake in something awesome. YAG has helped me prepare for college and life in the real world as well as taught me how to stand up for myself and what I believe. Before joining this club, I was just a freshman who had no idea who I was or what I wanted out of life. YAG gave me the guidance that I needed to realize my full potential and discover and develop my strengths. 

To underclassmen and parents of underclassmen, I want to encourage participation. This is a great way for students to define themselves as individuals and to do something that will benefit them exponentially. This year, I was the school’s senior delegation leader and helped guide our students through Conference, but because I am a senior, this year was my last. Though I will not be able to participate anymore, I want to ensure that the club and program that has meant so much to me here at RMA continues to thrive and grow, because it is so deserving of it. If you have interest in joining the club in the years to come, you can email me with any questions or concerns you have about what participation means and how it works.