Senior Trip to New York


Ben Tucker, Secretary

Our senior class trip to New York was more than just sightseeing and shopping. We were making memories while exploring and experiencing the Big Apple. Having our hotel right next to Times Square made things extra exciting for all of us, because we knew how pumped we were to go shopping during our free time. In addition to that, there were so many exciting things we had on our itinerary: the NBC Today Show, Chinatown, and the top of the Rockefeller Plaza. When we first looked at what was planned for the trip, many of us groaned at the fact that we had to see two Broadway shows. But in the end, the shows were some of the highlights of the trip for many of us. Places like the Metropolitan Art Museum and the 9/11 Memorial Museum seemed like they would be a drag. However, seeing the fascinating art and sculptures was very interesting and learning more about the tragic event of 9/11 touched our hearts and made it very much worth it. Right before we hopped back on the bus for home, we got to watch a New Jersey Devils hockey game. Even though the Devils were not that good of a team, it was still super fun because of the crazy New Jersey fans that were around us. 


All the fun we seniors had wouldn’t have been possible without our chaperones, Ms. Covolo, Mr. Tucker, and Mrs. Bryant. Thank you soooooo much!