Top Things the Decade Will Be Remembered For

Mary-Edith Cox, Social Media Chair

With the end of the decade coming shortly, we have to ask ourselves a question: what are the top things or biggest moments that the decade will be remembered for?

  1. The rise of smartphones has led to everyone being able to access the internet, as well as changed societal norms since the rise of phones is connected to the increased use of social media.
  2. Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ became more popular after the 2010s because of the convenience of watching movies and television without the interruption of advertisements and the aggravation of not liking anything on TV.
  3. The increased popularity of “memes” will definitely be one of the things the decade will be remembered for, because there is nothing not to love about a screenshot with text included on it to send to someone as a response.
  4. The “death” of traditional media like CDs, printed newspapers, broadcast television and radio has been going on for the past decade. 
  5. Superhero everything! Twenty MCU (Marvel Comic Universe) movies have been released in the past decade. Yes, twenty. The other Spiderman and DC universe movies were also released, plus extra movies and shows that include superheroes. Basically, the last decade was zombies and this decade is superheroes.
  6. Millennials and Boomers, enough said. The ongoing media argument between Boomers and Millennials has been going on this decade. While the phrase “Okay, boomer” has only been used more frequently this past year, the stereotype of being a millennial or boomer has been a topic of cultural conversation for the decade.
  7. Internet challenges have been a major trend of this decade. From eating tide pods to pouring buckets of ice water on us for charity to acting like mannequins, we have tried every sort of challenge.
  8. Another major thing the 2010s will be remembered for is all of the Disney remakes that has happened. Some were fantastic, while others tried to be good but did not succeed.
  9. I hate to remind you of this, but the decade will be remembered for the clown problem in 2016. In case you forgot, 2016 was the year that people were not only trying to scare each other but also commit crimes while dressed up in clown costumes. It was terrifying!
  10. Lastly, the decade will mostly be remembered for not ending in 2012 like the Mayan calendar said it would. Thankfully, their estimates appeared to have been a little off.