Childhood Memories We’ve All Experienced

Georgia Morris, Co-Editor

While all life experiences are different, there are some things that just happen to almost everyone. Childhood is a period that often has the most similarities from person to person. Here are 10 childhood moments that we’ve all experienced, with a few that really strike home with our current high schoolers.


  1. Doing something special for yearbook pics…and then getting stuck with a terrible picture.


In your elementary school years, yearbook pictures seem like such a big deal. Whether it was a big deal to you or a big deal to your mom, picture day was a day to look nice! Most of the time, yearbook outfits and hairstyles were chosen by a parent, but when the choices fell into your own hands, you might have ended up with a really questionable picture.


  1. Getting lost in the grocery store.


One of the most terrifying moments in your childhood is getting lost in the store. Turning your back for one moment to look at something your mom said you couldn’t have could result in losing your mom forever; or so it seemed. When you’re 5, those 30 seconds before you make it to the next aisle to find your mom looking at the cereal are the end of the world.


  1. Crying when people sing happy birthday to you.


This is one that all of the children who didn’t know how to handle attention experienced. A fun birthday party could quickly turn sour once the candles were in front of your face and what felt like a million people were looking at you and singing. Tears are a bit salty on a birthday cake.


  1. Bribing your siblings to not tell your parents.


People who have siblings know that things can be tense sometimes. Occasionally, things could end in a scuffle that may leave your sibling wailing and threatening to tell mom or dad. This is when the adrenaline would kick in and you’d instantly begin trying to soothe your sibling and begging them not to tell. Or if you were older and more advanced, bribery worked too.


  1. One clothing item that you get strangely attached to.


One thing that is consistent about childhood is weird clothing choices. Children often fall in love with a piece of clothing that they own and insist on wearing it 24/7, or at least whenever it isn’t laundry day. Whether it was a specific T-shirt, a pair of shoes, or even a costume, we all know there was something that our parents had to basically pry us out of.


  1. Using email to talk to your friends.


In elementary school and before having phones, email was the coolest way to talk to your friends. Seeing which friend could put more Y’s at the end of the word “hey” was basically a competition.


  1. Crowding around a desktop with your friends.


Your friend got a new Webkinz? Your parents are letting you get on YouTube for 15 minutes? There’s a new island on Poptropica? All of these things ended in one thing: you crowding around the family desktop with your friends. It’s amazing how multiple children can fit in one chair, but it was always annoying when you were stuck as the one who didn’t get to use the mouse.


  1. Renaming yourself.


Sometimes when you’re a kid, you just wish you had a different name. Maybe you found a really cool name in a book or heard it on a TV show. Somehow, you decided that would be your new name. Renaming yourself seemed so cool, but even if your parents went along with it, it didn’t last. You forgot to answer to your new name by dinner time.


  1. Wishing you were a part of Kidz Bop.


If you say you never once wished you were a part of Kidz Bop, quit lying to yourself. We all did. Who wouldn’t want to be on those TV commercials singing your favorite songs?


  1. Trading Magic Tree House books with your friends.


Seeing who could read more Magic Tree House books the fastest was probably one of the most competitive challenges in elementary school. Everyone wanted all of the books, but it was very hard to convince your parents to buy them all (which I don’t blame them, there are over 50). This is when the trading business became very popular. However, many people had the same copies as others, so if you had one of the rare gems, you were the man. Nothing beats that.